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An Illustrated History of Family Planning in Korea

In the aftermath of the Korean War, the young South Korean Republic faced an influx of over two million refugees from North Korea and a post-war baby boom with a fertility rate of 5 births per woman. The population was growing at a 3% rate each year and fear arised about the country's limited land resources. As a result, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea (PPFK) was created in 1961.

Kindred Artists

a : a group of related individuals


b : a person skilled in one of the fine arts

KIAF 2011

You wouldn't know there were so many galleries in Korea until you stepped into the Korean International Art Fair.  Dozens of galleries representing Korean artists were set up at the festival along with many more from other nations.

Studio Night

The studio space has changed.

Before it was myself and another artist.

Now it is 3 other artists!

I had to downsize.

Which works out, since I am leaving the country in August.

I need to be in that mindset.

Funky Seoul Corner 7: Lee Moses’ ‘Bad Girl’

By Scott Freeman

Lee Moses—Bad Girl, Part One and Part Two

For this week on Funky Seoul Corner we go to New York City by the way of Atlanta, Georgia. Musicor was an active N.Y.C. record label during the 1960s and 1970s. This label was a rather large one that featured talent from many musical genres, from soul to latin, from rock to country. Perhaps two of the biggest stars on this label were Gene Pitney and George Jones, both of whom garnered many hits for Musicor during the 60s.

‘Ever After 9/11′ at Platoon: Exploring the American Psyche 10 years on

By 3WM

Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul
September 19-30, 2011

In a series of words in billboard-like signs, “Ever After 9/11″ explores the post-9/11 American psyche on the 10th anniversary of the day after everything changed, including the meaning of words. Artist Julia Kim Smith and poet David Beaudouin cull words from fairy tales, the traditional morality stories, and from political rhetoric, arguably the new morality stories, and present them as icons to be reconstructed into modern tales which draw from both the past and present.

Ever After 9/11 from Julia Kim Smith on Vimeo.

Mon 19 September – Fri 30 September

Summer Shows up in September?

By Jen Lee

Jen posted this in early August:

I don’t know about anyone else, but it has been raining at the most inconvenient times for me. I’m not even kidding. The moment I step foot outside, it starts raining. I guess it’s to be expected with it being monsoon season and all. Either way, I’m not digging it one bit. Despite me being a Houston girl, I am so not a fan of heat and humidity. I guess that makes me a wuss?

I know it has been raining harder for some people than others in Korea, and I really do hope that things get better for those who are dealing with the flooding I’ve been reading about. Here’s wishing for sunnier days and nicer weather!

Performance Art in the Subway: Video

The video is here for you to get a better understanding of the whole thing that went down last week. For more information and a view of other performances go to my post here.

New Paper Goods >>>

Working on some new things. Wishing to put a small piece of my art into everyone’s hands.

Performance Art in the Subway Cars: Dongdaemun to Incheon

Performance Art is one of those areas of the art world that you either like or dislike. As for myself, the more zany and out of this world the more I am intrigued to watch. But I know for those uninitiated Performance Art can look like just a bunch of crazy people acting nuts. However, it is a medium of art that is so close to the human experience, that a painting or sculpture just can't radiate.

The Tate's glossery page describes the medium like this:

Fully Booked




Hours > Weekdays 4pm-11pm > Closed on Mondays

Friday> 4pm-2am

Saturday> 2pm-2am

Sunday> 2pm-8pm

Located in KSU

quite easy to find

Exit 1, walk straight out

take your second right


We play, imagine, and recycle – Noridan

About Noridan

We had a holiday on a hot Monday a few weeks back. I took to the streets with my  bicycle and rode to PNU. At a certain point I was able to get on the newly renovated river trail. It is now filled with ducks, plants, and community art.  The ride was wonderful, and upon arrival the group Noridan was practicing and tweaking things for their big performance. Check out their videos on youtube. Incredible group!

Destination: Culture Station Seoul 284 (Seoul)

Don’t let the name confuse you – it’s the new old Seoul Station.

Mr. Marmot himself beat me to the punch, and his blue-hour shots of the station’s exterior come highly recommended. His excellent post doesn’t talk about what’s happening inside, however – hope you enjoy.

Ordinary Day

Sketches from vacation

Craft Night in the Studio

ASYAAF: Student Art Work at Hongik University

Going on till August 22nd is an Art Festival featuring young and upcoming artists alongside those who have been around longer. At Hongik University the ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival) brings us artwork from different varieties and tastes. I visited this exhibition and found myself enjoying the array of artworks on display.


Eric & Robin’s Art Exhibition @ Agit, Sunday July 31st

Eric’s work

LuxElite: Lifestyle & Concierge Services



Welcome to LuxElite private club, a world of privileges and exclusivity.

LuxElite is a lifestyle concierge agency providing tailored services to individual and corporate clients.

LuxElite lifestyle consultants are available for its members at anytime to fulfill ordinary requests as well as extravagant desires. LuxElite gives its members the precious gift of time, raises their standard of living, and help them to achieve a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Amateur Geologist

First I find images that represent the stone.

Chrysocolla & Citrine

A mineral has specific physical properties, and a rock is an aggregate of minerals, not having a specific chemical composition. Minerals are formed through a biogeochemical process, and a rock is a component of this material. My focus in my paintings lately has been rocks. The texture, the shape, the environment in which they exist. Everywhere. Displaying time, displaying the weathering of time, and erosion. There is a giant idea in my head, and I am trying to draw it out. Piece by piece I am seeing where this project will go. These two minerals Chrysocolla and Citrine are my inspiration for now.

Jewerly artist Jean Balke, formed Nallik, some of the most gorgeous jewelry I have ever seen. Elegant, simple, and most pieces are one of a kind. I also think these necklaces are priced extremely well.

Itaewon's Secret: The Video

I am sure there are other secret areas of Itaewon that please the eye too, but this one is literally being made in the moment. There were buildings still under construction as I walked through there. I think this area is going to develop into one that is known for cafes, galleries and cute little shops. 

A post with pictures and more thoughts to come, in the meantime give me your reactions to this video. Also if you like it why not share it with your pals, huh?

Hongdae: Mustoy or Paint Your Own Little Happy Doll

I think there is a section of Hongdae that most people don't know about. Usually when you hear people talk about Hongdae they mention the specialty restaurants or the clubs. I've never heard anyone mention a place to go and paint your own cute little doll and have a creative experience in Korea. Then you might understand our reaction when we happened to come upon the store Mustoy.

studio neighborhood

Recent Artworks

JH really likes the one up there, and I call the following, "leaf flowers".

Gallery Imazoo in Gangnam

Last weekend I met up with an associate from Artpoli, who helped me set up something on the website. Afterwards, we took a little tour of a gallery nearby. It is called, "Gallery Imazoo" and has a showroom on the basement floor and a cafe up top.

Enter Miru Kim I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed...

Enter Miru Kim

I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed an article on Miru Kim and her controversial work. I didn’t read what she’s really all about (yet), but what got me interested was her portfolio. It’s these kind of images— random— that incites my imagination and creativity and makes me want to become a better photographer. 

group shows

This month, I participated in two group shows. We had our openings on the same night because the locations were near to one another and a few of the artists were in both shows.

So here is the first one.


a group exhibition

light = productivity

Retro Korean Horror Movie Posters

Even though Korean cinema has only enjoyed international recognition since recently, the history of the peninsula's cinematographic industry goes back to the early twentieth century. Horror films started to emerge as a genre in the sixties and remained popular until today. As you'll see from the movie posters below, the stories almost invariably centered around a revengeful female ghost who came back among the living to wreck havoc.

Rad City {June 18th}

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