All the Tea from China to Your Door in Korea! Free Shipping!? Hot Gazoobies!

Ah, the problem of getting a fine Chinese tea at a decent price while here in Korea !

One option of course is, well, fly to China and get some. Rather costly for tea, although well worth the trip. 
Insadong in Seoul has a good Chinese teashop on one of it's side streets but, well, you run the risk of getting a nosebleed when you hear the prices they charge.

How to use Evernote for Photography


I used to be a pen and paper kind of photographer. That means that a lot of my thoughts, ideas, location picks, designs and whatnot were scattered across countless notebooks. I used to have one dedicated “photo notebook” but it was just never where I wanted it. When I needed to write something down, I reached for the first notebook that I saw and scribbled something down. The problem was that when I needed to see what I wrote, especially out in the field I a) didn’t/never had the same notebook or b) didn’t bring one at all.

2 Very Addicting cellphone games

If Evolution is believed to be, "the gradual process in which something changes to different and usually more complex or better form", our fingers will probably be the first ones to change. They'd probably evolve into more independent, snake-like entities each acquiring the ability to be able extend and reach out more with minimum movement from the arms while having more nerve-endings for sensitivity. All because of their boundless usage on the touch screen of the cellphone.

Two Tea iPhone Apps as cool as a Geisha in glasses.

For those of you into tea and with a smartphone here are a few tea apps I've found in my forays into the world of tech.

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