Public Sewol Discussion With LA Times’ Steven Borowiec At “Seoul Book & Culture Club”

Steven Borowiec PresentationOn the two year anniversary of the sinking of the Sewol, dozens gathered at a public event in Seoul to discuss the factors that led to the April 16, 2014 ferry sinking that killed more than 300 people, most of whom were high school students on a field trip.

MMPK Groove Magazine Article

At the tail end of 2014 we were approached by Groove Korea who had an interest in what we are up to.

What Happened to Nampodong?


When I first arrived I was in the company of some extremely talented photographers. They gave me a start into a world that would drain my wallet and fill my heart with joy, almost simultaneously. One of the best areas in Busan that a photographer could go to drain his wallet and walk away with some nice gear was Nampodong. It’s streets were lined with camera shops and underground was full of retro gear. It was a place where you’d give a friendly nod when you saw a camera bag or tripod.


Twilight in Dalmaji

Twilight in Dalmaji

Haeundae and Gwangali as seen from Dalmaji hill.

Posh nobs - Statue in Busan

Posh nobs - Statue in Busan

Standing proud near the new BIFC and Busan bank is a rather unusual fellow.

Like an English gentlemen he welcomes everyone to the new finance centre.

Pope in Daejeon

Pope in Daejeon

When the Pope comes to town, you must make the pilgrimage. We did and it was a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal.

Tradition and the Lion

Tradition and the Lion

On the way to Oryukdo I found a Buddhist temple that seems relatively unknown to the tourist. It is in fact one of the learning centres for Buddhism, and a great opportunity for a few more photos.

Haedong Yongongsa - The coastal temple

Haedong Yongongsa - The coastal temple

Haedong Yonggongsa is located about 30 mins drive from Busan. It is situated at the coast and on one of those beautiful blue sky days, such as this, words cannot describe its splendour


Beomosa Temple Stay


When I got asked to shoot Beomosa Temple for an upcoming article in Seoul Magazine, I was really excited. Mostly because I love Beomosa and the other reason was that I really wanted to see what goes on at a temple stay which was the focus of the article. Temple stay programs are a unique way to experience temple life. However, most of the people that I asked about these programs either hated them or did them as a one off thing.


Worldwide Photowalk Wrapup

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.28.09 AM

from scottkelby.com

Just a quick update on the photowalk a few weeks ago. As you know, we had many talented photographers with us and I was very happy with the turnout.  However, for the local contest, it was Macbeth Omega that one our contest! Not only that, but he was one of the TOP TEN FINALISTS!!

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