2012 Election

The Republicans Are History

There is an unspoken doom in a piece from this week’s issue of the New Yorker on the question of whether Texas will turn blue—if demographic change in America means that the Republicans can no longer get their presidential candidates elected. Every week this magazine churns out thousands of words on this subject for upper middle class liberals who want to understand Republicans without actually talking with them, and this piece is little different except for the way it ballets, on its tippy-toes, around one single basic inevitable conclusion:

Sick Rick Santorum’s Shameful ‘Obamaville’ Video

Sick Rick Santorum’s campaign plans to unveil an 8-part video series called “Obamaville” on its website in the coming days, depicting a dystopian future where everything bad that can happen does following an Obama re-election. Have a look at the preview for yourself.


I am no big fan of Barack Obama, but to show Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad morphing into U.S. President right about the time the narrator says “sworn American enemy,” is simply deplorable.

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