Paradise Hunter Update and Announcement

Mitasa: An Urban Temple

While out in Seoul this past December, Jo and I exited Oksu Station (Line 3 and Jungang Line) on our way to a friend's place. Standing beneath massive bridges that towered above us, our eyes were instantly moved to our right and Mitasa Temple (미타사). It literally took a few seconds to walk across the street and enter the grounds of this local Buddhist Temple.

Merry Christmas 2010!

It's Christmas again! Jo and I recently sat down and decorated our tree for 2010. Join us as we share some memories behind each of our new additions.

BTW, Michael Buckley is awesome and a friend, so that's why I was poking fun at him at the end. He has a real tree that is freakin' awesome!

We're off on holiday until January, so until then, we hope that you and yours have a very merry holiday season! Be blessed in 2011!

Taste of the Philippines: Balut

When I was preparing to travel to the Philippines this past summer I had a mission: find and eat balut. For those not knowing what this dish is, let me break it down for you.

Balut is is a partially fertilized duck egg, typically sold on the streets throughout the Philippines. It's believed to enhance sexual energy and be a healthy snack. In fact, my father-in-law used to eat them by the dozen.

XBT Shopping

Seoul has a ton of places to shop. While many people flock to department stores, Jo and I like hitting some of the more unusual places. Recently, as part of our Christmas shopping routine, Jo and I headed out to the Express Bus Terminal (XBT for short or 고속터미널 on the subway map).

There is a Shinsegae shopping mall associated with the facility, filled with higher-end merchandise, but Jo and I like to seek out unique things. That's just what we did on this excursion. I even came away with a new head warmer. Check out this little adventure!

Project For Awesome:

Back in 2007, the VlogBrothers (Hank and John Green) started something special: The Project For Awesome. It was an initiative to take over the homepage of YouTube with videos supporting charitable organizations. I think it's a great idea, since there are so many around the world that do so much good.

Fun in Gangnam: Mike Durkee

Korea is a great place to live. I remember stepping off the plane in 2008, not knowing what to expect and I’ve enjoyed every minute since. Those first six months flew by (as have the rest of my time), and I’ve met some amazing people here. One of them is Mike Durkee.

How to Make Kimchi

December is the time to make kimchi, the food most of the world associates with Korea. The cabbage is fresh and cheap, the weather cold, and the spirits high. Jo and I have made kimchi once before while attending a home stay, but it was a very rushed experience. Since it’s a dish we eat often when we’re out at restaurants, it would be nice to be able to get our kimchi fix at home.

On Wings of Eagles - A Paragliding Adventure

A short while back, Jo happen to complete another lap around the sun. In some circles, that's known as a birthday - we like to refer to it as a call to action! For the past three years, Jo has gone out and done some amazing things on her birthday: sky diving in 2008 and  hot air ballooning at dawn in 2009. I was determined to keep the tradition alive in 2010 with something amazing! The answer dropped in my lap when one of our friends went paragliding. I knew that adrenaline ride would just be the ticket.

Paradise Hunter - One Week To Vote!

It's hard to believe this round of the Paradise Hunter is coming to a close. It seems just yesterday that I posted up the audition video. Since then, several of my friends on YouTube have come out to support me, and I've been blown away by it. It's something that has touched me very deeply. Furthermore, my friends and family have been continuously re-tweeting and sharing the voting link on FaceBook, which has helped tremendously.

Here are a few of the folks that have really helped me out.

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