Seoul Street Foods Seeing Culinary Rebirth?

Cooking with Drag Queens: Kim Chi

Check out this super gay Youtube channel where two bearish men cook a meal with drag star guests. This particular video, with Drag Queen Kim Chi, shows us how to make bibimbap.

It's a cute channel, and introduced me to Kim Chi who looks like a pretty fabulous drag queen. I'll have to keep my eyes open in case she is coming to San Diego anytime soon.

Sweet and Tasty TV: Homo Hill

Sweet and Tasty TV made a video on Homo Hill hitting up some of the main establishments.While I'm not really into the main shtick of this vlogger, this video is a great visualization of what is happening on Homo Hill.

Went on a long weekend trip to Japan with my friend Megan! ^^ 

Went on a long weekend trip to Japan with my friend Megan! ^^ 

Beautiful Fall Leaves in Gyeongsangnam-do!

Rachel’s Tiny Kitchen #1 – RICE COOKER CHICKEN WINGS!

I have always enjoyed cooking, but boy did I take for granted my kitchen and oven in the States! Since moving to Korea I’ve had to adapt the way I cook completely. From having no counter space, to replacing ingredients with things available here, to trying to make delicious cakes in a small toaster oven, I’ve done it all! There have been a lot of failed experiments and total disasters in my tiny kitchen(stories I may have to share soon!), but along the way I’ve learned a lot about how to make your tiny kitchen as efficient as possible and still make delicious food!

Zen Kimchi’s Ultimate Korean BBQ Experience


We have AWESOME news everyone! We have hit a milestone on our Youtube channel! If you can’t guess what it was from the title, then watch the video below!


Thank you to our awesome viewers!!
We know that it doesn’t mean too much to other youtubers (I don’t see them making videos like this about a million views—it’s usually about getting a million SUBSCRIBERS), but we think it’s important to set realistic goals every year and achieve them.

Our Youtube goals for 2014

At the beginning of 2014 we set goals for our channel, and reaching 1 million views was one of them!
Also on the list:

3 Video Call Options for Travelers & Expats

Back in the days before the internet became as widespread as it is now, traveling could be an overwhelmingly isolating experience. Living abroad could be even more so. Prior to the spread of internet connectivity, the best way to stay in touch with friends and family back home was with international calling cards. Before that, it was stamps, letters and post-cards. We’ve come a long way!

‘I Just Want to Scream’ – Reading at PEN Korea Poetry Concert

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