Ner Year, new me

 New Year, new me


Winter arrives touching the city with the shades of gray, the palette of nature in its decline.  One day, the sunlight gets paler, the sky whiter, and the colors all around us lose the brightness of the summer days.

 I was born in a tropical country.  The sun shines the whole year, the weather is very nice, not too dry, not too humid. There is a month or two where there are naturally occurring fires in the woods, on a daily basis, due to the heat and brightness of the sun. In general, any day would make a great beach day unless it rains. And when it does rain, it actually pours.  I like to think that nature in Venezuela is always a feast for the imagination, exaggerate, voluptuous, giant, convoluted. Fertility is everywhere, at any moment, with a vibrant renewing energy that expands to the hearts of the inhabitants.

(Nov4 Mon)Training log/11월4일 수련일지

Nov4 Training log
9am Yoga 50min : handstanding prep sequence
No strength training today
8:30pm Yoga 60min : backbending practice *scorpion handstanding holding

For me It’s always good to start a day with yoga. I did’t do any strength training today (even though I really wanted to)
My whole body was a little bit sored from maximum deadlift practice on Sat so I decided to take a day off.

11월4일 수련일지
9시 요가 50분 : 핸드스탠딩 prep 테크닉 연습.
오늘 스트렝쓰 훈련은 안함. 지난 토요일 데드리프트 수련 이후 전신에 기분 좋은 근육통이 있기에 요가수련에만 집중함.
밤8시30분 60분간 : 백밴딩 수련

‘운동을 통한’ 자기계발 단상
#언제나 그렇듯 요가로 시작하는 하루는 기분이 좋다. 일어나서 멍한 상태인 몸과 정신을 요가로 깨워주면 하루를 더욱 일찍 시작하게 된다. 비록 1시간을 요가에 투자했지만 요가를 하지 않았더라면 오전 내내 멍한 머리로 흘려 보냈을 2,3시간의 시간을 집중력 높은 상태로 사용할 수 있으니 투자수익률 높은 투자인 셈.

#밀어 붙일 때와 한 템포 쉬어갈 때를 아는 것 또한 성공의 지름길이다.
그저 악으로 깡으로 정신력으로 밀어 붙이면 된다는 생각은 군대에서 작별인사하자. 자신의 몸에 귀를 기울이자. 내 몸이 전하는 얘기에도 제대로 귀 기울이지 못하면서 그 무엇을 할 수 있겠는가. 명심하자.

Coach Simon Kang

YouTube)Oct29)Yoga Forearm balance practice-Vrschikasana/scorpion pose

Oct 29)start my practice(I call it ‘PRACTICE’ not ‘training’ or ‘workout’) with 90min yoga practice – inversion/ specially working on ‘Vrschikasana’ = scorpion pose.
Using starp(as you can see on the video) helps a lot to keep my elbows in which are extremeley important for not putting weight on your joints(shoulder,elbow,wrist,…) which might lead you to injury. after you understand how to mintain proper alignment and egage youur lats to be stable it is much easier to go to other techniques.

My Faith and My Yoga Mat – A Prayerful Pose


My Faith and My Yoga Mat – A Prayerful Pose.

Rolling up my yoga mat and placing it back in the basket, my thoughts wander to about a year ago. So much time has passed since then, so many people have come and gone, so many things have changed, including me. Especially me.

Partner Yoga: A journey together

PARTNER YOGA: A journey together

I first practiced Acro/Partner Yoga a year ago, with my husband, Daniel, and my four-year-old daughter, Ainara, and it was an experience that in all this time, has changed dramatically the communication between us, our career projection, as well as our goals together. Soon you will know how.

For years I was terrified by heights. It all started when I was fifteen years old: I fell down accidentally from the first floor of a house to the ground (it was solid, made of polished rock). This accident caused me a week of a super strong pain in my whole thorax, and moving an impossibility (not even a tiny bit), because the pain would be unbearable if I did. After a week of absolute zero movement (they carried me in their arms to help me go to the toilet or to take a shower), lying down on a couch, I was diagnosed with a severe pneumonia, so I had to spend several nights in the hospital, waiting to recover.

Kaizen Korea Documentary Teaser

A Humble Attempt at Thank You in 500 Words or Less

What started out as an idea for some 30 second blip has morphed into something utterly beyond ANY of our wildest expectations…. and this is just the 2 minute preview.

A Yin Yoga Sequence: Cultivating the Space Within

by Michael Hetherington


Yin yoga is a style of yoga that emphasizes long holds (around 3-5 minutes) of ground-based yoga poses that focus on lengthening the deep layers of connective tissues that run throughout the body and around the joints. Connective tissue is a like a plastic wrapper that encapsulates every organ, bone and muscle inside our body.

Let’s wrap this up?

How to Stay Sane Until Spring (Korean Winter, we’re through.)

Yoga and Volunteering for Marine Environment in Tongyeong

Dear friends,


I invite you to my free yoga class on weekends in Tongyeong City.


I am a researcher working for a non-governmental environmental research institute, OSEAN ( And I have been practicing yoga since 1998.


I would like to practice yoga with you, because it's easier when we are together.

where: in my house near Yongnam Elementary School in Tongyeong

when: 11 A.M. every Saturday and Sunday


I learned yoga from my yoga teacher in Jeju Island. And I learned yoga philosophy from Swami Dharmananda at Ved Nikethan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, staying there for a half year. And I practiced yoga with some friends in Daejeon and Changwon, too.

Now I am working for OSEAN, an NGO research institute. We are focusing on Marine Debris problem. If you are interested in volunteering for environment of Korea, you can come to us.  


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