Breaking our vegetarian-ness!

Aaron and I were invited to lunch with Emo, Serry dog's mom, who owns a little teeny tiny convenience shop in our neighborhood.  How adorable is Serry?!  Man, we love this dog and she loves when we come to the store to see her! 


The 6th graders all came to school this morning to find out which of the 4 neighborhood Middle Schools they'll be attending in March. (It's done by a lottery system in Korea and their elementary school teachers tell them). My entire hallway erupted, for at least an hour, with the loudest screams as the students found out which middle school they were assigned. They seemed to be either really excited, or really bummed about the news...  Either way, it was the SAME sounding, blood curdling, scream!  Gotta love overly dramatic Korean preteens! blog-signature

My co-teacher's family!

Check out the photo's that Aaron and I did of my co-teacher's neice and nephew at a park on Yeong-do a couple weeks ago!  I'm pretty sure Korean kids are some of the cutest on the planet!

Full post here:

Yeongdo, after dark!

There's something magical, or maybe just mysterious, about my neighborhood, after dark!  I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots around my apartment a couple nights ago.  

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Revenge Party!

Back when I was in High School, my best friend Ryan Breska would have 90210 parties at his place every Wednesday night!  I was always late, because I was at church youth group, but I tried to never miss a 90210 night!  There was just something about coming together with 10-15 of our closest friends, all huddled around the TV with popcorn and a quality show to watch that made Wednesday nights something to look forward to every week!

So, when my good friend Ashley told me about how she LOVES Revenge, which I'm also completely hooked on, it was a no-brainer, as far as I was concerned, that we should needed to get together every Monday night to watch the new episodes together!  ... and thus our Monday night Revenge parties were born!

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