Living Life The Korean Way

I’ve been living in Korea for 18 months now, enough time to get over the initial culture shock and to adapt to living the Korean lifestyle. There have been both good things- going out for dinner and getting a delicious, filling meal for under £5, and bad- fearing for your life every time you are on/ near the road because of the crazy drivers.

Here are some of the things I have become accustomed to during the last year and a half in  Korea- the good, the bad and everything in between…

In Defence of Stamps

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the difference. There was a time when I would check the post every morning in the hope that there would abe a letter for me. I would ask my mother why was there never anything for me, and wistfully she would respond “well if you sent a letter to someone then maybe you would get something in return”. My obvious response was to drop my shoulders and curl my nose and skulk off muttering about some injustice or something.

I didn’t realise it until probably now that my mother’s response was probably something similar to what I know now. Personal letters or emails are wonderful, but they rarely come, or at least their infrequency is dwarfed by the sheer quantity of spam and bills. And even if I jump to the twenty-first century and talk about emails it doesn’t get much better, in fact it worsens.

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Now Truly Sacred

Antonio Gaudi, the architect of the Sagrada Familia, was from Catalunya, Spain. ~ Photo P. DeMarco


Photos by Peter DeMarco

Pope Benedict XVI traveled to Barcelona last weekend to consecrate Antonio Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia or Temple of the Holy Family.

10 things Korea has taught me about the world

Since arriving in Korea in March 2008, I've made it my point to learn about the people, the places, and the life in Korea. It goes without saying that living in a foreign country hasn't always been easy, nor has it been what I expected. Some things have been better; others worse. There are some things that Korea has taught me about the world, however - without further ado:

1. 300 km/hour KTX trains can exist next to squat toilets. One symbol of Korea's bright future has a hard time correlating with one symbol - a reminder that the world doesn't always have a lot of gray in-between those two extremes.

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