World Cup

My Repeated Failure at Watching Sport on the Telly in Korea

Yesterday marked the end of the month of Irish sport on television, that is television streamed through the internet and watched on my computer. It has taken me five years of living in Korea to master the art of searching through Google for the relevant link to watch a match, which is impressive. It was an ordeal I would recommend to anyone as the rewards are worthwhile, although they could have been much better.

For starters this is not the first time I’ve tried to find sport via the ould interweb. I know that when herself when was in Ireland, she never had any problems watching the things she wanted to. There are a few Korean websites that post television shows up after they are shown for the first time. I imagine you can do the same with certain Irish programmes too, but with live sport it’s completely different.


Saturday, July 10, 2010 - 19:00

Emily is outty! Genius, pusan's best lo-fi band is playing, and the world cup at 3:30... sweet... FREE LONG TEA TO ANYONE WHO DRESSES UP IN A ROCKY HORROR ATTIRE....WATER GUNS PERMITTED.... 50,000 TAB TO BEST DRESSED. it will be that kinda night. At the Basement in PNU.


World Cup 2010 - a photo journey

Not every Korean may be a soccer fan the other three years and eleven months, but this is World Cup season. This post is a look back at the three first-round games, plus Korea's second-round game - attended in four different places.

Game 1: South Korea vs. Greece, City Hall Plaza, downtown Seoul:

Thanks to the rain that night, few of my pictures came out acceptable. You can see the red horns for the 'Red Devils' fans; red ponchos covering red shirts were equally as common.

Drinking My Way Through the World Cup: Evil Serbs, Plucky Kiwis and Norks

Last Sunday I found myself inexplicably sitting at the bar of The Crown, feeling poisoned and seeing the world through cotton ball eyes. Big Kiwi Sean sat next to me grumbling about the universe, as he's apt to do, being the grumpiest 32-year-old going on 70 that I've ever met. The world is like sandpaper to his nutsack - everything save rugby, lager, and reggae music, that is. The Serbia-Ghana game blurred on the TV. It was a boring match that I paid only lackluster attention too. More interesting than the match were the Serbian fans, who all looked misshapen and evil. Some of them donned militaristic hats and probably had names like Drago and Lezi. Thousands of years of hard mountain living and constant hand-to-hand warfare has an effect on a people. That the so-black-they're-almost-purple Ghana team beat them 1-0 surely tortured the Serbs, who aren't necessarily known for their progressive views on race...

Football and Life Changes


I guess we all have points in our lives where we don't know what to do with ourselves. When we're faced with so many options that it just seems impossible to choose one path to follow.

I'm currently experiencing that...again.

I guess it's normal to be this age and not know what to do or where to go. Having general plans seems pretty good, but there's always the real dream underneath the practicality that keeps vying for your attention, calling out for you to realize it.

I guess the most important thing for me to do is follow my own way, listen to advice, but in the end do exactly what my heart tells me. You only live once, so deciding not to do or experience something amazing because other people are expecting something different from you is the wrong choice.

Drinking My Way Through the World Cup: Savage Saturday

 I spent most of Saturday in bed, missing out on some glorious weather in an attempt to sleep off the onslaught of chemicals onto my body and brain.  Pickled coma.  But eventually I creaked out of bed, fed my cats and myself (scrambled eggs and green peppers, mmm), and eventually headed to the Seomyeon area to meet Angry Steve and Sammy for some grilled meat and football.

World Cup Fever!

We were hungover, severely sleep deprived, dirty, soaking wet from head to toe in the muddy grass, and situated shoulder to shoulder, chest to back among thousands of Koreans… and it was wonderful!!


Somehow two weeks have slid by without a fresh Coco post, days teaching weather and short vowel sounds, evenings researching and writing my first story for Eloquence Magazine (more on that later), and an attempt to incorporate sit-ups into my daily routine.  This weekend S. Korea beat Greece 2-0 in their first game of the World Cup, a win I cheered for under a starless sky on Haeundae beach, the night lit by thousands of red plastic devil’s horns glowing from the heads of fans.

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