Winter Sonata

A lovely day trip to Petite France and Nami Island (Namiseom) in Korea.

Although Petite France Village and Nami Island are known as two of the most popular travel destinations in Korea, it’s not easy to get around the places when you actually want to visit, especially for foreigners without a vehicle to move freely.

One of the best and the most convenient ways to reach these places is to take a package trip available out there, which offers a hassle free tour. We’ll show you around how we got to visit and enjoy the attractions! We guarantee you this will be the most thorough review of the day trip adventure. 

(Visited & written by Yoonhee C.)

First, there are two options for departure: Seoul Train Station (Line 1) or Hongik University Station (Line 2).

The Korean Wave

If you are flipping through the Korea Guide book which is easily available at any of the Tourist Information center across Korea, you will come across the Korean TV Drama – Winter Sonata – used very often across many a pages. There would be mentions about Winter Sonta in the Hanryu or the Korean Wave section and then there would be mentions about its various filming locations in Korea in the recommended places to visit section.

So what makes this 2002 Korean TV Drama – The Winter Sonata (Gyoeul Yonga) so popular. Or rather the actor Bae Yong Joo so popular in Japan that

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