Wedding in Korea

Yeon Jung Getting Married


Wedding Dinner

David and Frankie’s Wedding Dinner

An album.

Getting Married in South Korea for 20 cents

Consider this your warning: If you’d rather not see pictures of newly weds beaming with joy and kissing in public, head to the recipe section.

Ben's Wedding and some Confocal Microscopy

Nearly half a year has passed since Heather and I got married in Busan. And if you're not yet married and wondering "So how's married life?" well, it's really similar to life before marriage. Getting married is a good thing overall, but just make sure you choose the right person. Luckily, I did.

Not sure whether she did though...

Ben is a Canadian teacher at Heather's new CDI branch and we were invited to the wedding. Heather has only been working a couple of months and I'd never met any of the teachers from the branch before, so it was a nice gesture. The ceremony was held at a wedding hall (I think the name was Suaviss) north of the river.

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