Water water everywhere. a girl on the falls

Water water everywhere. a girl on the falls

Daechon park in Jangsan is the place to go when its hot. Spend your day lazing around in fresh clean mountain stream water.

The waterfall extends about a kilometer down the mountain with many places to cool off.

At other times of the year it is great for a walk or visit to the excercize park.

Follow Us Around: Gangneung Day 2

Since we arrived a little bit later on Saturday, we saved our hiking for Day 2! After a quick breakfast at Angel in us Coffee, we started our drive to nearby Odaesan National Park. We arrived at the southwest corner of the park in a place called Sogeumgang, or “little geumgang”, named after the famous mountain in North Korea. The drive from the city was a beautiful one that reminded me of home. The mountains in Korea look very similar to the Appalachian mountains of the Eastern US where I grew up, and the winding roads through the valley transported me back to NC for a moment. I was soon brought back to Korea once I saw the road turn into a narrow unmarked trail lined with buddhist lanterns and eager hiking groups. To say hiking is a national pastime here is an understatement–it’s a lifestyle! The hiking group leaders wore flags in their backs, and the group members all wore matching hiking gear.

More Summer Swimming

A waterfall and plunge pool in Jeri-on, Changnyeong is our new go to place to cool off. It is a short bike ride away and it is very pretty. Another place we will miss when we leave Koreae! :(

Voyage to Ulleungdo, Gem of the East Sea

Over Chuseok vacation, I headed to Ulleung Island, a destination I had been dreaming of visiting for quite some time.  Situated in the East Sea (or the Sea of Japan to all of you living outside of Korea), Ulleungdo is an island that promises visitors spectacular scenery, tasty seafood, and a chance to relax far from the chaos of the mainland, which is what I was most looking forward to on this trip. 

waterfall in the ravine

Destination: Ulleungdo (part 3)

Read up on part one and part two before continuing!

With a few hours left on the island, it was time to see the falls. My last stop for the trip was the Bongnae waterfall area (봉래폭포). Along the way, you'll pass a curious natural phenomenon - a natural air conditioner (천연에어콘, or 풍혈), also called a wind cave:

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