Busan Climate Action is a small but growing group of passionate...

Busan Climate Action is a small but growing group of passionate individuals. I’ve done very little to help (i.e. participating in marching, clothing swaps, and their film festival) but every bit does help!

Volunteering is good for the soul and I love the people in my life because of it.

Climate change is a problem we all share. 기후변화는 우리 모두의 문제입니다.

IVI: A Korea based Company that is bettering the world

After a long day, I am always tempted to dance my way out of work to the latest K-Pop hit towards the closest theme café where I can drop double digits on a coffee while petting dogs, trying on wedding dresses or getting my feet manicured by fish.   These quirky cafes and plethora of other awesome Seoul eateries is just one of the many reasons why I have fallen head over heals for this city.

Yesterday an online video was launched that made me think I should forgo one of these beloved trips each month to budget a few bucks towards giving back to a local charity and making the world a better place.

Workcamp Homestay, River fun and the Farewell Party

On my previous post I blogged about the WorkCamp in Hanawa but I didn't blog about our HomeStay nor our Farewell that was...well... busy.

Volunteering in Japan

I’m finally back with some posting, traveling and blogging is HARD, so, all those Travel bloggers out there: I respect you even more now.

I should start by writing about the WorkCamp we (me and my sister) did in Hanawa aka Hanawa City, it was a 2 weeks Work Camp where we were going to “Make Toros (Paper Lanterns) with children from the community”, yup, that’s the catch of the camp, I thought we would be working with the children for those 2 weeks and it turned out different….

Bored in Busan? Some opportunities and events you may not know about...


**Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with or involved in the running of any of the groups mentioned, I am merely a member of one or two and would like to try and get the word out. Please direct any queries about the events to the Facebook pages listed below.**

For one reason or another foreigners in Korea don’t always seem to get the best press, which is a shame because by and large we’re a pretty awesome bunch.

Ministering to the Homeless in Busan, South Korea

Homelessness in Korea
It can't always be about yourself.  I've always had a heart and calling for the homeless no matter where I was.  Not only are we commanded to care for the poor, but it is also a growing experience as well.  It is difficult to walk away from a day with those who are truly in need, and not feel more grateful for everything you have.

Donating blood in Busan

I am simultaneously proud of having donated blood and embarrassed at having donated so seldom.

There were hassles in donating blood in Korea but today I saw the nurses had translated questionnaires for English speakers.  The translation seemed to be of a previous form and the question numbers didn’t match but the important questions could be matched.

for donating my blood, the nurses offered me a variety of gifts: I chose a 5,000 won (about $5.00 Can) gift certificate to be used for ‘culture-related purchases’ – bookstores.

Picture our Face: Fundraiser for Save the Children (Daejeon Cantina)

Saturday, December 17, 2011 - 16:30

Picture My Face Bookings, ROKD, and THe Daejeon Cantina are teaming up to bring you 15 of the best bands from all accross Korea for one great
cause- Save The Children: Korea! http://www.sc.or.kr/ http://www.savethechildren.ca/ (details below)

Divided into a 'Day Stage'...
 and a 'Night Stage', MC'ed by the ladies of ROKD(Korea's first and only Roller Derby league) and running nearly 11 hours, this will be the BEST Live music event in Daejeon all year:

Chuck Sandy at KOTESOL (part 3 of conference remarks)

Sandy gave two full-length talks and a pecha kucha talk at the conference and I will summarize my thoughts here.  His first talk was on Critical Thinking, the second on activism  and the pecha kucha was a  sort of memoir.  He was also interviewed by Koreabridge.

The two talks meshed together very well.  He started by discussing faults in various textbooks, moved on to how to make better questions and activities then on to making those activities have real world applications.

This is Our Dog - Diga

Let me tell you about a little white scruffer that Rose and I call Diga. For the last few years, Rose and I have really wanted to get a dog. At our place in Madison, we couldn't get a dog, and that really sucked. As we were getting ready to leave for Korea, we found out that many expats abroad adopted dogs. This sounded amazing to us, but we weren't sure how easy or practical it would be for us. The rest of this article is the story of Rose and I expanding our family. 

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