Question from a reader: being vegetarian / vegan in Korea?

A reader writes in:

Hi, Chris,

I have a question.  I’m interested in traveling to Korea this fall, and am learning Korean to prepare, but have one concern about the trip:  I’m vegetarian.
How difficult is it to eat in Korea if you do not eat meat, fish, or eggs (allergy to eggs)?
Thanks for your help,

Hi S.W.,

Going vegetarian or vegan is somewhat difficult, but manageable. Assuming you’re already familiar with what to watch out for, that makes the job a little easier – and there are a couple great bloggers out there living the vegan / vegetarian lifestyle. More on them in a second.

Letter from Korea, April 2011

Suwon, South Korea
April 30, 2011

Dear Ireland,

Apologies for my lack of correspondence, I’ve been busy believe it or not. I won’t bore you with the details but I would in fact prefer to inform you of one of the reasons that I haven’t had as much time as usual to sit down and write you a lovely letter, as has been my wont for almost a year.

Recently, myself and Herself have become business people. We are proprietors. Not in the traditional sense, more in a temporary and experimental sense.

As I wrote in a previous post, I spend a lot of time in my friend’s traditional Korean tea shop that is close to our home. Recently the owner propositioned Herself whether or not she would like to run the tea shop. Herself was duly excited by the prospect and we decided we would take it on board for a few months and try it out.

Korean Natural Food Restaurant


It's pretty rare for a Korean restaurant in Busan to have a decent vegetarian option, so this was a bit of a nice surprise discovery. They don't seem to advertise to foreigners although they did say that they have had quite a few eat there..

Asian Food Mart

Small store full of southeast Asian food - sauces, beans, canned food.  Lots of vegetarian and Halal options. 

Sasang Subway stop, exit 3, walk past the bus station, turn right after the Hi-Mart (before the Homeplus). 

Phone: 322-6080 HP 010-7475-6080, email: English is spoken. Open 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM every day
Google Map Location

Life in South Korea: Being Vegetarian

People were always surprised to find out that I am Vegetarian. They thought it must be so difficult to be in Korea. I have been Vegetarian for almost twenty years, so I am used to having less dining options. There are some great vegetarian options in Korea.

This Thursday first new video!



Roy Early @ Busan Haps#5 Launch Party

See video

 Roy Early discusses his article "Vegging Out in Busan" at the
Busan Haps Launch Party
February 12, 2010
@ Club Fabric in Busan, Korea

Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw Food interest?

I was just curious if anyone is vegan/vegetarian and/or living a raw food lifestyle...

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