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대구 Daegu

5 May 2010, It's 어린이날 Children's Day in Korea, which gives me a day off work. I travel up to 두류공원 Duryu Park in 대구 Daegu.

Myrtle Beach

27 Jun 2010, We pack up the house-on-wheels and head to Myrtle Beach with pets and grandparents.

해금강 Haegeumgang

17 Apr 2010, I wander along the beautiful coasts of 거제도 Geoje-do to see 해금강 Haegeumgang (Sea Gold Rock).

[Thirteen] Jeju Island Part I

 Dear readers,

Today I will begin introducing you to some of the beautiful places I visited in Korea. For this entry, I will focus on one place I visited while I was in Jeju Island.

Jeju Island is the biggest island in South Korea located at the Southern tip of the penninsula. The Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes was designated as a UNESCO heritage site in 2007. (Don't worry folks; although the island is covered by dark-brown volcanic rock and volcanic soil, the volcano is dormant)

A couple interesting facts about Jeju:

광주 Gwangju

3 Apr 2010 , I come explore the city of 광주 Gwangju, sit at a baseball game, and walk along a river.

거제 Geoje

28 Mar 2010, 거재도 Geoje-do is an island on the south coast of Korea, directly south of Masan and east of Tongyeong. The island may be famous for its coastline, but for just this afternoon I explore the city.

단양 Danyang

21 Mar 2010 , In 단양 Danyang there are two attractions: a bamboo forest and the 고수둥굴 Gosu Caves.

충주 Chungju

20 Mar 2010, I wander up to 충주 Chungju in the center of Korea to see a little slice of Korea I had not yet seen.

양산 Yangsan

13 Mar 2010, I have come to 양산 Yangsan, a suburb of Busan, for an afternoon walk.

Sweet Home Alabama

I love the South and Alabama in particular.  You get the "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" in the south.  People wave to you when you're driving by.  Folks will hold the door open for you.  Smoke actually comes out of the exhaust stacks of barbecue restaurants in the south.  What kind of real barbecue place doesn't have smoke coming out of its stack?  The kind without barbecue pits, that's what kind.  I digress.  Only in the south can you get SEC football, large mouth bass, Golden Flake potato chips, Blue Bell ice cream, black eyed peas, sweet tea and multiple American Idol winners.  Okay, so maybe you can get some of these things outside of the south, but it just ain't the same if you're not enjoying those things with company that boasts a friendly drawl or southern twang - especially company of the female persuasion with a sweet, syrupy southern accent.  I'm a very lucky man to have married my southern belle.  Yeah, Carol's drawl is pretty much gone but all it takes is that weekly phone call

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