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Narita Airport

2 Aug 2009, I say goodbye to Japan yet again :(

Mt Fuji

1 Aug 2009, I have climbed to the 3770m peak of Mount Fuji! After I watch the gorgeous sunrise above the clouds, I just need to find a safe path down...

Mt Fuji

31 Jul 2009, Today's only task: Climb Mount Fuji. and perhaps a couple more sites in Tokyo.

All Tokyo Has

30 Jul 2009, My first full day in Japan is spent running to all the big tourist traps Tokyo has to offer: Shinjuku, the Japanese Diet, the Imperial Palace, central Tokyo, and Japanese Baseball.

Heroes Baseball

14 Aug 2009, I begin my trip to Seoul with a long train ride, a Korean dinner, and Korean baseball.

Tokyo at Night

29 Jul 2009, My first night in Tokyo is spent exploring under the neon lights of Shinjuku.

Goodbye 대전

19 Jul 2009, I wander around the newly-built city centre with no one else to be found.


18 Jul 2009, I run away to Daejeon to see a new part of Korea and enjoy some baseball.

Hiking Around 김해시

9 May 2009, I get out to hike around 김해시 Gimhae.


11 Jul 2009, I take a short trip to see the small near-by city of 진해 Jinhae.


5 Jul 2009, I couldn't imagine a nicer day to go to nearby 창원 Changwon and wander through their many parks and the newly built business district.


13 Aug 2001, On our way to a family reunion in Detroit, we took a slight detour out to Chicago for a couple days.


20 Jun 2009, I try to get of the mainland for a few hours, but the link to the island in the sea's been closed leaving me stranded in the bay. It was nice to see Masan from 마산만 Masan Bay nonetheless.

Daegu Day2

14 Jun 2009, My morning in 대구 Daegu is spent at the zoo and seeing a rare elephant, so rare in fact that every zoo needs one.

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