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Win copies of – Make Out in Korean: 3rd Edition – by Tuttle Publishing

After the tremendous success of Making Out in Korean, Tuttle Publishing is now out with the 3rd edition of this book and to celebrate its success they are giving out 3 copies of this book.

For those of you who are not aware, this book is very handy for those who are new to the dating scene in South Korea or who just got hitched. This books has conversations on topics from making acquaintances, discussing likes and dislikes, going out to developing romantic relationships and much more. The revised edition includes more idioms with the same categories, but MOST importantly includes the phrases in Hangeul,

Doing US Taxes in South Korea

Many U.S. individuals living abroad are either unaware that they have the same tax filing requirements as those living at home, or believe that they do not need to file a return if their foreign income is below the foreign earned income exclusion amount. All U.S. individuals, regardless of the geographical location or the amount of tax liability (even if no tax is owed), must file a return each year.

U.S. expats who are out of the country are usually given extra 2-month automatic extension to file their tax returns without requesting an extension, which makes the due date June 30th of the following year. However, if there is a balance due, interest will be assessed on it starting after April 15th. There is no penalty for being late if you owe no tax.

Doing US Taxes in Korea

While I read this article on married couples doing US taxes while abroad I found it didn’t apply to me completely as my spouse is not a US citizen. And while they provided links and great information, I’ve been unsettled to do my own taxes as I really didn’t want to end up on the naughty list of the IRS especially as we were getting ready for my wife’s US visa.

Grocery Shopping Guide in Korea for Asians – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East

The very first thing that comes to our mind when we receive an offer to relocate to South Korea is about food.

Will I get food from my home country?

Will I get the necessary spices if I have to cook my food at home?

What if I staying outside Seoul, in some remote place in Korea – will I be able to procure these grocery on a regular basis without travelling much?

But now with the emergence of various eCommerce (Online) Grocery Shops in Korea, buying Asian grocery has become more convenient. These online grocery shops mainly cater to Asians from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Middle East, Mauritius etc. who have relocate to Korea.

Public Libraries in Korea for reading, study and research

A library can be a great place to study, read a magazine, or borrow a book. But many libraries here don’t operate the way they did in my home state. Within this country libraries, while public, are not just something you can walk into. Every university and public library I’ve been to here requires you have a membership card that you swipe, much like a metro card to enter. With filling out a form you can get a card and go in. Except with the universities; if you are not a current student you cannot enter. If you just enrolled but didn’t get your ID card yet talk to the security guard at the side and they should let you in.

For graduate school research and a desire to read US news magazines I will sometimes visit our university library. But what to do near midterms/finals when the university libraries are overflowing with people? And what if you are not a current student? Here are a few options.

American Center Korea Announces Free Calls to South Korea

Award winning international call provider,, rewards customers with a week of unlimited free calls to landlines in South Korea.

Free Calls to South Korea Offer

From 12pm (noon) GMT Friday 20th April until 12pm (noon) GMT Friday 27th April customers can make free calls to landlines in South Korea. The offer is available to all Localphone customers, old and new. There are no restrictions on how long each user can talk for or how many South Korean landline numbers they call. After the promotion ends calls will be charged at the normal cheap rate of 0.8p GBP / 1.1c EUR / 1.5¢ USD per minute.

Cost of living in Seoul Korea 2012

For anybody who is planning to move to South Korea either for job or for study, the first thing that you would want to know is – what would be the cost of living in Korea for me and my family (if applicable) and second thing you would want to know is – Can I survive in Korea – in terms of food, language and culture.

Cheap Accommodation in Korea for Students and Working Professionals

If you have plans to visit Korea for a few days, weeks or months and you are looking out for a temporary accommodation in Korea then Goshiwon, Hasukjib or Yeogwan could be the right fit for you. Goshiwon is more for students whereas Hasukjib and Yeogwan is more suitable for working professionals who are looking for a budget stay in Korea and does not want to go through the hassle of house renting, lease, deposit, utilities and so on. Read the guide below to check which one is more suitable for you.

Goshiwon – 고시원

Goshiwons are a remarkably cheap way of living in Korea. It is a very small and basic room where students often live in and study for a number of months in order to focus on a test (고시).

International Schools and Public Libraries in Korea

Namsan International Kindergarten

International Schools in Korea

Education for your kids in International Schools will cost you anywhere around US$12,000 – $20,000 for a year in elementary, middle or high school. These schools usually follow American or British Curriculum.

Average Salary and Tax Structure in South Korea for Expats

Average Salary in Korea

As per the article published in The Chosunilbo, the average annual salary per worker was estimated at 25.15 million KRW. In terms of region, the average wage of workers in Ulsan, where many giant enterprises are based, was 31.51 million KRW, the highest figure nationwide, whereas Incheon, the lowest, was merely 21 million KRW.

So expats on an average are offered around 2.5 million KRW per month before deduction of taxes.

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