Mom Sent a Package

A while ago my mom sent a package with all sorts of stuff in it for JH and I. She mostly wanted to send him good wishes for his birthday, which was back in April.

The Rain Pours

I am okay with rainy weather. I would rather be soaked to the bone in a downpour than freezing my butt off in sleety-icy rain.

But the rain brings one to notice that it is definitely summer and the months are trucking along. Already my first semester at job #4, in Korea, is nearly over. I have learned so much about myself and what it is like to really be a teacher. Also, I am really proud of my accomplishments at the job.

In life, things seem to putter along quite nicely as well. Although, JH and I still find ourselves at odds with how to spend our weekend time together. There are also a lot of personal developments between us but I don't want to share it yet.

A week vacation is on the horizon, followed by three weeks of camp and then two more weeks of vacation. I am looking forward to a slow down in work life.

Cat Sleepover

Hamster's mom found herself a new job and so was moving this weekend. Actually, Hamster's name is now Kaiju. This meant that the third brother of the kitty-cat trio got to stay at my house with his brother Tom.

When I brought Kaiju home Friday evening at first Tom wasn't sure what thing was walking around his house. He followed Kaiju around and finally the two had at it. It wasn't aggressive fighting but more like brotherly love. However, their rumblings lasted all night which wasn't helpful for my already exhausted body.

Win Them With Your Smile

Open classes are over! All that stress and anticipation has left me like a deep drop in a waterfall. Anyways, I might be bad at making metaphors right now because I really can't believe the results.

I was praised by the parents and the principals. I was told they especially liked me and really liked my smile. Imagine! All I had to do was prop up a huge smile the whole time.

Actually, it is kind of a life-story of mine that I win people over with my smile but that I always forget this. During class even when awkward or bad things happened I just smiled at it and got the kids back on pace. There were a few mishaps, I finished a little early at the start and one kid cried in the afternoon.

Life of Tom

JH said it perfectly yesterday, "I wish I could trade lives with Tom and Tiger." Tom's life is pretty serene and well taken care of.

He is getting past his kittenness and sleeping a lot during the daytime, already having his favorite spots.

Open Class Coming and other Work Stuff

As you can see spring has been good to me with fun trips to places here and there. The warm weather has helped calm my mood and ease my mind when it comes to work rambles. The job is puttering on like a well greased machine, with a few hiccups here and there.

But a big bump in the road is coming up, and that would be open class. It's not my first time with this kind of job-related aspect, but I definitely feel like this one will be more serious. For one the people who will be observing me are the parents, and since they pay for their kids education I can only guess their gaze will be mighty. The open class is not till next month, but I am already in the thick of planning it. We are given the liberty to do whatever we want, even can break away from our regularly scheduled plan. However, I am planning on sticking with the schedule but making sure there are interactive activities involved.

Recent Artworks

Ever since I came back to Korea, back in February, I have been itching to document my works of art from the past few years here. As you may recall I documented works from long ago while I was on vacation back in the States, but left my Korean works back in Korea. Anyways, I finally got out today during the morning hours and photographed my works. It was a bit fun trying to do this while people passed by. I did it in the park nearby where the sun was shining very well on a particular park bench.

New Design and Layout

Hi everyone, I've messed around a little bit with Blogger today and I've decided to change the look of the page. It's not really that big of a change, but I'd still love to have your opinions! I'll probably be tweaking a few more things over the next few days.
The colors used in the logo are from a traditional Korean Seakdong (색동), Saekdong is a type of multicolor pattern used to make traditional vests (저고리) such as this one:

Two Months Have Passed

Two months have passed at the new job and it feels good. Except, the children are still acting out now and then. Well, I know this will never really change. I think I am just starting to get a little burnt out.

No really, things are in a routine these days and I am starting to see that teaching first graders math isn't too hard.

Anyways, next week promises a couple of vacation days. Where will I go?

Job Satisfaction

Maybe it is because I didn't have six classes as usual today or that spring is here. I am sure there is a reason but whatever it is I feel really satisfied with my job in Korea, right now. It's the fourth job and I suppose after many trials and errors I have come to a point where I like my work. I wasn't trained to be a teacher but I feel I have learned and survived through enough that I am capable of the job.

I guess it could be that the kids are transitioning out of their kindy-selves and into first graders. Really, though I feel like this job suits me and I am starting to enjoy being in a room full of feisty children. One thing though that has really helped is that I don't do any coteaching anymore. I don't have to worry about coordinating things with someone who doesn't understand me and won't take the time to try.

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