Quiet Out There

It's the Sunday before the Lunar New Year's holiday here in Korea. Already I can tell most people in my area (Nowon) have packed up and gone to wherever they need to go for family duties. However, it is usually quiet on a Sunday here anyways.

Not much happening for me this holiday season in Korea. I am meeting a friend for a good meaty dinner and some nice chatting. I have the whole week off next week and in that time I need to withdraw cash for my American vacation and also go to immigration to renew my visa.

I hope your Korean holiday is filled with fun or relaxation. :) Happy Year of the Black Dragon!

Winter Camp 2012 Wraps Up

Wow! Camp has come and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye. However, I can say I'm pleased with that reality. Camp this time around (compared to last summer) was a bit easier. I think it is because I had the higher level class, although at times they started to test me.

Winter Camp Week 2 Update

Things have been running smoothly in camp land. Although, I can already feel myself and the students starting to get tired of each other. But I have been trying to spice things up with extra games I have lying around and let them have extended free time. It makes me wonder as next year they will cut camp down to 2 weeks. Things will definitely fly by then!

There is one week left and on next Friday the parents come to see their presentations. Then I've got one week vacation for the Lunar New Year. I'll just close my eyes and soon it will be February and before you know it I'll be visiting my family in Florida.

Other than this there isn't much to report. Still working on my lesson plans but slowly, as I have been trying to get materials made.

Keep on Chugging Them Out

After three days into this year's Winter Camp I have finally found the time to come home after classes and get back to lesson plan creation. I have now started on the 2nd semester for next year. Given the first week of planning wasn't too bad as that will just be fluff stuff till we start the book again.

This Winter Camp I have the high level kids and on the one hand it is a relief they aren't as wacky as the low levels, but on the other they argue with me about everything. "Teacher, but I answered the question so give me a sticker!" "No, teacher you are wrong!" (That last one gets spit out quite often.)

2011 You Were...Well..

Wow! It is the end of 2011 already. I'm 30, single and the battery to my wireless mouse just died. This past year was marked by mild discoveries and accomplishments. For one I finally found a school I am comfortable working at and also a neighborhood that is nice to live in.

I got out and saw some nice places, one of which was the beauty that can be found on Jeju Island.

Ho Ho the Snow

As far as snow goes, this isn't much. I've seen it way more piled up in Korea. So this Christmas Eve's Day snow is nice but nothing to rave on about. Checking the weather forecast it looks like it might not snow till January. If this winter is going to be a mild one, well then I welcome it.

Tom's Brother in for the Holidays

Tom's brother, Kaiju, is visiting for the holidays. His mommy is off on her own vacation. All is good, as Tom will need a place to stay come February when I go off on my adventure.

Have a Jolly Golly Christmas It's the ...

I'm currently on my Christmas vacation that will last till the New Year. To give the kids something special we (the English teachers) dressed up in a Santa outfit, played songs and handed out presents. The kids had a splendid time, except for a few that were displeased with their presents. Hey! It's not my fault kid! The presents were brought in by other students and randomly put into a bag.

Keep it at 20C

A message came to our school that we have to keep our room heaters at 20C. If it is -3C outside then it isn't too warm in here.

This morning I saw the homeroom teachers blasting their rooms at 30C and so figured all is okay. But I don't really know. The official word is if you are caught twice doing it you will pay a huge ass fine. It is some kind of new mandate from the government. But really 20C...are you kidding me? Now I am going to think of buying a space heater for the room or somehow mask over the thermostat so it looks like I'm not using it.

I don't really plan on freezing this coming Winter camp, so you can suck an egg...government!

Sun Shines in on Tom

The sun has been hiding behind a haze of clouds these past few days and I believe it was starting to affect me. Perhaps even Tom was starting to get a little sad missing his friend Sunshine. But on this Saturday morning, as I was preparing to do some work at home, the sun rays came in.

Tom immediately planted himself in their direction and took to playing with a small piece of paper. Or rolling around and getting all his fury bits warmed up.

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