New Works: Winter 2011 ~ Present

"Market" 2011, Watercolor on paper

The above work is an example of recent works I have made since last winter and up to now. Production of my works have been arguably slow and I'm still trying to find what I'm looking to make. But I've taken off on this urban theme and views from the street.

Spring Hope

It is already in the air, the sweet smell of Spring and as I see the tiny fresh green buds sprouting from the street-side plants, I get full of hope. I wanted to take pictures on my way home today but didn't accomplish this. I'll try to do so soon.

It fills me full of relief that winter is really going to be on its way out. Sure yellow dust might be coming and the summer heat, but I'm happy to shed this past winter. I don't share much intimate details on here, but let's just say this past cold season wasn't my best.

I hope this coming Spring is giving other people a new fresh start, as I feel it is doing to my life.

Near the Dongbu Expressway ... A River

Nearby Nowon is a long freeway that connects the rest of Seoul to this Northeastern portion. It is called the Dongbu Expressway, and is notorious for being slow. It runs parallel next to a river, and I recall the times when I would ride with my ex, how the scenery was pleasant to watch.

Since I live nearby such a feature I figured it would be wise to get out and see it, considering I didn't go at all last year.

I found a smaller stream that connects to the river and so walked down it till it merged with the big path next to the river.

Back to Work

Yesterday was a full day of learning what it will be like to be the team leader of the 2nd grade, at my school. It wasn't too bad, but of course started out with a hiccup. I arrived about 30 minutes early to rearrange the desks, and got this done. Then as I was heading back from a quick peek into a new teacher meeting there were students sitting in my room. I wasn't sure why, and after standing there for a while and seeing the parents outside I realized they were new students. They needed the level test and that is what they were waiting for.

Bye Bye America Again

I'm up way too early here in my hotel near the SFO airport. Maybe I'm excited to go back to Korea or ready to get there, rest and prepare for the first day back to work.

I had a good time here in America and am so grateful to spend time with nearly all of my family. When I get the chance I will definitely continue to post the rest of my trip from Florida and D.C.

I'm not sure when I'm going to come out here again, as I need to consider saving money and also I still want to see other parts of the world.

Where I Stay For Now

First off a few shots of my pizza and salad dinner I had at the hotel near the SFO airport. Then a shot or two of my standard hotel room's view and interior.


I've been in Florida a little over 24 hours now. It's amazing here, as always. Most people here live amongst year long greenery and large houses. I don't have photos yet but those will come. Today I woke up tired, so rested some more. Then I headed to the mall to get that plug I needed, and after buying it felt like a fool for paying so much. Found out my brother might have an extra attachment that I need, and so if he finds it I will return this expensive gadget.

The rest of the day I did some shopping in the mall, and walked away with two new bags. Not sure if I will return one.

But it is great seeing Americans and their laid-backness. The casual feeling around me is soothing, and hearing English isn't making me nervous. I guess this time around I'm not really having "reverse culture-shock." Mostly I feel like I'm in a dream and know that I'll be going back to Korea eventually.

The Last Week

I made it! The last week of my first year at S* school is coming to it's end. I am amazed I made it this far considering how difficult it was at the beginning. Also I am impressed at how much my students have advanced and grown. Now I get to see them continue to grow in the 2nd grade.


Back at work here doing the normal thing of classes and then break time. I would be lesson planning right now, but the current 2nd grade teacher asked for her books back. I think I have a copy of the Volume 2 book back at my house, so that can help me later. Just won't have the teacher's guide, however I didn't rely on it too much.

All I have left are November, December and bits of February for next year. I suppose I can get to those in time, as they are far away. Still there is the need in me to keep punching them out, however ridiculous that sounds.

Because I booked my vacation tickets through Hanatour I have to wait 48 hours before my flight to select my seats. I can't sleep without the window seat and so am trying my best to be patient. Hopefully, my flight will have a lot of, "I hate the window seat" type folks.

Things to do before heading off on my vacation:
- Get Tom to his brother's house for cat sitting.

People Return

It feels like an extra Sunday around here. The roar of cars from the nearby traffic lanes have picked up their buzz. When I went out for bread at my local mart I was happy to see it open and saw people walking around with coffee.

The upstairs neighbor has been playing the piano, which they usually do on the weekend. And the cry of children and teenagers can be heard in the distant park. All signs that Seollnal is coming to its end as people make their way back to Seoul.

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