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NKorea Recap (2): NK is an ‘Upper Volta with Nukes’, so Ignore Them

Still my favorite TV interview I have done yet: Jump to the 1:05 mark, and tell me you would not laugh out loud at that awesome question


Here is my original essay on the NK crisis, where I called NK ‘the boy who cried wolf’: no one believes their war-mongering rhetoric a

NK Recap: “North Korea is the Boy Who Cried Wolf – There will be No War”

North Korea 2012 131

The North Korea flap seems to be calming down, so here I reprint my original essay for the Diplomat a few weeks ago on the crisis. I’d like to thank Diplomat Editor Harry Kazianas for inviting my submission.

Guest Post, part 2 – Dave Kang: Yes, the Media Coverage of the Korean Crisis is Inflammatory


Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, two guest posts in a row? Christ, Kelly, you’re lazy as hell. In the midst of the biggest North Korea flap in years, you’re at the bar playing Xbox or something.

Final Iraq Post – from the Archives: My 2007 Essay in Support of the Iraq Surge

Guest Post – Tom Nichols: “Bob Kelly was Wrong (and Right) about the Iraq War”

imagesCAI6BD5TI am happy to invite my friend Tom Nichols to guest-post about the continuing Iraq War debate.

Iraq 10 Years Later (2): What was the Neocon Theory behind the War?

Starvation – A Small Price to Pay for North Korea’s Nuclear Program

In response to recent sanctions placed on North Korea by the UN Security Council, the Korean Central News Agency had this to say-

“The provokers will meet only merciless retaliatory blows.”

If North Korea’s bite were to match its bark, there would be considerable basis for concern.  Thankfully, it does not.

The Story Behind 부대찌개



5 Fox News Myths about the Fiscal Cliff – and no more ‘Cliff’ Metaphors either, please! stop!

5 Good Things about Korea you should be Thankful for this Thanksgiving


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