A little bit of everything from October.

October came and went rapidly. I didn’t have time to post on my blog.  I was pre-occupied with far too many things. The daily life of school and weekends was crammed with major and minor activities. Anyway, it is November now and I lie here in bed at 15:06 on a Wednesday writing my blog. I’m sure a trigger in your brain is wondering why I am in bed when I should be at work. Fortunately, I haven’t been sacked. Unfortunately, I am struck down with acute tonsillitis. I suffered for seven days before it got too bad to handle, went to hospital, then got sent home from work two days ago. I’m beginning to feel better. Although feeling slightly less optimistic about my concerned co-teachers visit in an hour when I look at the pile of washing-up and dirty laundry that is on the floor. My school seems overly concerned no matter how much I allay their fears of my health. Maybe I should do something to clean up the place…

Gareth….the North American.

I feel the need to write a blog entry on two things; the fantastic weekend I have just had and the noticeable North American influence on my life.

I had an incredibly action packed weekend. I didn’t have any definite plans or anything that stood out as an exceptional event, but just some tentative plans based around the turbulent weather.

Busan Ultimate Frisbee Pick-Up

Repeats every week until Sat Dec 01 2012 .
Sunday, January 16, 2011 - 18:00

Hey Busanites!

Busan Ultimate Frisbee have been active for over a year now and we're always looking for more people to come and enjoy the game with us!

We play pick-up every Sunday on the astro of Namcheon Elementary school.  Subway station 211. 

When the weather's nice we play on the beach and at frisbee tournaments throughout the year.

Check out our Facebook page for directions, more details and people to contact!


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