The other day I found myself running through the streets of Gyeongju in search of a bathroom, after consuming two cups of coffee and about a liter’s worth of water over the course of an hour. I burst into my wife’s parents’ house through the unlocked door, said hello politely, and then asked where the bathroom was far too politely, shifting to a higher register reserved only for old people or customers—but there was pleading desperation in my voice, and my calmly-surprised mother-in-law consented at once.

I whipped off my shoes, dashed inside the bathroom, and pissed for far longer than I usually shit.

When I emerged my brother-in-law cracked some kind of a joke, and the Korean woman I was teaching at the time, a friend of the family, refused to translate.

A week later I asked him what he had said, through my wife.

“You broke the toilet!” he replied.

The Lives Of The Rich

The position of the legal English tutor guarantees a sort of freedom that is rarely seen in Korea—the freedom to see how different families live. As teachers in public schools or hagwons we meet and yell at droves of Korean children, guessing the socioeconomic class of each individual by the amount of time we spend yelling at him, or her, as richer kids have been disciplined by years of round-the-clock schooling while their poorer peers are so free and so wild and so far behind everyone else that they have almost no hope of ever catching up.

Low maintenance kids have mothers, aunts, and perhaps even fathers, to take care of them; high maintenance kids have little beyond their teachers at school.

Korean Class 한글서당

Do you want to learn how to speak in korean?
or learn about korean culture?

We are teaching foreigners korean as a volunteer.
Our korean class (한글서당) has taught foreigner more than 10 years.

I think some of you guys have heard about
or might be taught in 한글서당. 

" Our Class is 1 on 1 and catering for all levels.

We have excursion classes and korean speaking contest.

You can have chances to experience korean culture.

We are Free Class but Both teacher and students pay 5000 won for snacks and beverage monthly. "

We are always meeting on every saturday 11:50-1:50

located in Dae-yeon dong subway station exit #4.
Hae-Am bldg 7 floor.

If anyone has interest about us, please let me know in advance.


Are you looking for a place  for your private lessons and study on your own or with your friends?  

The MOIM has  a commitment to provide the best possible environment.

It is a quiet, cozy and comfortable place to study and teach, with free coffee, tea, internet and English speaking staff.

It is located on the 4th floor between Dunkin and Mcdonald near Pagoda in Seo-myeon. (Please refer to the map on our web or make a phone call.)


Visit our website : www.themoim.co.kr

Tel : 051-818-8252



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