Sewol 2 Year Anniversary Street Interviews

Sewol Underwater

April 16th, 2016 marks the two anniversary of South Korea’s worst maritime disaster when the Sewol Ferry sank on a routine trip from Incheon to Jeju Island while transporting hundreds of high school students on a field trip. asked people on the streets of Seoul about the anniversary, how South Korea has changed since the sinking, & if the real truth of what happened will ever be known.


I Got Published and Look What Happened!!

There have been many examples of photos that have changed the lives of the photographers that have taken them. We all know Nick Ut’s photo of the “Napalm Girl” and how it changed his life. There are many examples of these kinds of life changing photos. However, there are many more people trying trying to catch their big break and hoping that at least one photo will catapult them into stardom. That is why you see people sharing photos to every site imaginable. They (me) pepper facebook and Google Plus  with what they think is award-winning photo. Only to have our friends cheer us on and our mother’s tell us that we should be published in National Geographic.

Dear Korea #053 - Finding the Right Song

Dear Korea #053

I won’t lie, that last panel was fun to draw.

Anyways, let’s all just try and ignore the fact that I’ve enjoyed the fine art of karaoke for a very VERY long time. If anything, this comic is more of a representation of many people I’ve met out here in Korea. At first, they seem hesitant and even outright against the whole idea of singing in front of other people. After you give them a good half hour or so with that ridiculously large book (which is difficult to share, depending on who you’re with), they’ll eventually find something that’s worth putting their fears and shame aside for.

Dear Korea #034

Dear Korea #034

Whoo~ This one took me a while to do. Anyways, it seems like everyone who enjoys chowing down on Korean BBQ from time to time has a favorite place that they consider to be the best. As a result, I’ve been introduced to all sorts of awesome restaurants that were pretty similar to each other. I guess it’s natural for the “best” to be different for everyone, seeing how everyone has different tastes.

Dear Korea #028

Dear Korea #028

I think this is more of a personal experience for me, if anything. Needless to say, it’s not surprising why my mother didn’t tell me the whole truth when it came to making me eat the stuff.

If you haven’t tried sundae (순대) yet, I highly recommend it. I know some people are put off by the whole idea of “blood sausage” (I know I was when I found out), but if you forget that fact and just try it, you may like it.

GIFT Ministry in Dongnae (now with free Korean classes)

Every day we face choices, new tasks, new challenges, new obstacles, sometimes new jobs, new relationships, and for many of you a new or different life in a new country and culture different from where you grew up. It helps to have a community around you to help you adjust and learn to adapt quickly, see the sites,  share your experiences and ideas with and to just hang out and relax together. GIFT Ministry (website: is a friendly community trying to help English speakers in Busan make the most of life here.

One new program we are offering is free Korean classes at 2pm on Saturdays for beginners.  These can help make navigating life in Korea quite a bit easier, more efficient and we have an experienced, very kind and helpful Korean teacher who speaks excellent English leading them! Come join and "level up" your Korean :).

GIFT Ministry

Every day we face choices, new tasks, new challenges, new obstacles, sometimes new jobs, new relationships, and for many of you a new or different life in a new country and culture different from where you grew up. Sometimes we need help in adjusting and making sense of things. At GIFT Ministries every Saturday at 10:30am in Dongnae (see the maps below and go to the blue dot in the maps), you’ll find a place where you can connect with other foreigners (and very helpful Koreans) with up to 17 years experience living in Korea who have experienced what you’re going through and know many of the ins and outs of getting adjusted and creating a memorable and enjoyable experience (we also have many useful ideas on teaching effectively, finding jobs, legal issues, etc.). We like to get away from the daily grind and refresh and re-energize ourselves with:

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