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Traveling Abroad

First box by ship arrived!

So our airmail box (*sent from the post office at Incheon here for more info*) arrived a little while ago. And we are no happy to announce that box number 1 (of 5 or 6 from what we can remember) that was sent by ship, has finally arrived...yipee! Shipping items is a whole lot cheaper than sending them by airmail. It cost's roughly W50 000 (+-$50) to send a 20kg box from South

The Philippines~ *who*when*where

These Winter Holidays, another 4 South Africans *not to be confused with those who set sail for the majestic ruins of Cambodia some 6 months ago* traded in snow for sun, sea and sand as they embarked on a fantastical journey, into the wilderness that is... They traveled  far and wide, from the anime world that is Japan and the kimchi corner that is South Korea; two brothers, parted from each

Cambodia for *Chuseok*

Months of planning and waiting in anticipation finally came to an end on the 17th September, when four very excited South Africans (Claire Keet, Jono Hatting, Farmboy and myself) headed for the far corners of Cambodia for Chuseok. Luckily for us, all of our schools had given us the Friday off, as well the National Public Holidays from Tuesday 21st - Thursday 23rd September, so all that had to be done was arrange to take Monday the 17th off, and then we were 'A for Away'!

Cambodia through the eyes of a *fish*

One of our previous posts was about Farmboy's new toy, which he proceeded to take for a spin on our recent (and absolutely awesome!!) trip to Cambodia  :) More pics and such to come, but for the meanwhile, heres a little taste of our time there, through the eyes of his fisheye camera!

one of our many Tuk Tuk experiences :0

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