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South Korea’s village of Hahoe, home to the Hahoe Mask dance

Hahoe Village Andong

The historic village of Hahoe is home to the famous Hahoe mask dance and attracts curious visitors from all over the world. The village is located about 268 kilometers to the southeast of Seoul in South Korea and is a well-preserved home of the country’s traditional culture. It comes as no surprise, then, that this is the place where the iconic Hahoe masks originated and it is also a fantastic place to see them still being used in dances.

Korea’s 7 “Can’t Miss” Festivals

Photos and story by Ed Provencher

Skip it or day-trip it? Korea’s festivals are numerous, but how do you know which ones are worth going to? Travel blogger Ed Provencher makes it easy for us.

Busan by Night | A Travel Photo Essay

Photos by Ju-seok Oh. Words by Peter DeMarco.

See Korea’s most “dynamic” city at her best – when the sun goes down.

Three things to take when traveling around Korea - and three to leave behind

Fellow blogger Nomadic Chick recently blogged about what works and what doesn't in her travels. While traveling the world and traveling around a first-world country are two very different beasts, I thought I'd share three things you'll definitely want when traveling Korea, and three things you can safely leave behind.

MUST HAVE #1: Entertainment. An iPod Touch holds enough music and games to keep me entertained on even the longest bus or train rides. Finding an outlet while out and about may be a challenge, but you'll always have one in your hotel room for the night. Note that a good book, a Kindle, an iPhone, or other similar things will work as well.

Sex and The Island: Jeju Loveland Exposed

The best time to visit Love Land is at night when the statues look uncannily real. It's also much easier to hide your face in the darkness. ~ Photo P. DeMarco

[View slideshow here.]

Take a peep inside Korea’s taboo busting erotic theme park where love oriented art and eroticism meet unabashed.

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