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Share House Family Members Show Understanding Concerning KJW's Coming Out

 '셰어하우스' 식구들, 커밍아웃 김재웅에 이해와 배려 빛났다
Share House Family Members: Understanding and Caring Shows Concerning Kim Jae woong's Coming Out


[티브이데일리 최정은 기자]
한 집에 살다보니 가족화 된 것일까. '셰어하우스' 가족들은 방송내내 동성애자로 커밍아웃한 김재웅을 이해하고 배려하기 위해 노력하는 모습이었다.

[TV Daily Choi Jeong-eun Reporting]
Living in one house is like becoming a family. Throughout the broadcasting of “Share House” it has appeared to be an attempt at understanding and considering Kim Jae-woong’s coming out.

How I Write Blog Posts on Classical Chinese

Post 04172014

I have been asked a few times about how I have found the source material for my blog. With this post, I hope to demystify this blog, and at the same time attempt to systematize my technique and make it more consistent. The basic method is: (1) obtain the original text, (2) translate from the original Classical Chinese text, (3) check with the Korean translation, (4) add annotations, and lastly (5) find allusions.

1. Obtaining the Original Text

Translation: Kim Jae Woong Comes Out: The Problem Isn't Homosexuality but Rather the Directorial Style (김재웅 커밍아웃, 문제는 동성애가 아니라 연출방식이다)

Netizen Buzz did a good job translating an article on Net News titled TV show Sharehouse forces designer Kim Jae Woong to come out. I'm not really sure why they didn't translate the entire article, but I wanted to translate the rest of the thoughts the editor had on the manner in which Kim Jae Woong came out on Sharehouse. If you see any problems with my translation, please let me know! 

Translation: '사랑' 사전적 정의 '이성애 기준'으로 되돌아갔다 The Dictionary Definition of Love Has Restored to a Heterosexual Basis

Translation: Heo Ji-ung's Gay Proclamation: "I have experienced skin ship with gays, but I'm not that way"

From Dailian:
허지웅 게이 발언 "동성애자와 스킨십 경험... 하지만 그쪽아냐"
Heo Ji-ung's Gay Proclamation: "I have experienced skinship with gays, but I'm not that way"

I thought it was fish cake!

Nothing new seems to be coming out of Korea in terms of queer news, so I decided to translate this old article. It is hilarious. In case you don't know what 어묵 is, it is that fish cake you often see in Korea.

Why don't you use a condom?

Found this great survey from iShap. Education everyone!

Queertoon Translation: Insadong Scandal

Angelcrazy has posted some more comics. Some of his aren't the most appropriate for this blog, but I liked this one.
-Insadong Scandal
Girl: Wow, let's go rest for a bit.
Boy: Sure. How about going for a coffee?

Lesbian(?) Music Video: 골라봐 (Take Your Pick) Translation

This video is a bit old, but I just discovered it. The group Ten (텐) Wreleased 골라봐 back in 2009. Two women are sexually assaulted on the subway (probably line 2) and proceed to comfort one another (eventually physically). This video came out right before I moved to Korea for the first time, but I hadn't heard of it till 2013. Does anyone know what the reaction was like in Korea?

Watching the video you would think "Hey, those ladies love ladies". Then you take a look at the lyrics.

Translation of lyrics (by TKQ)

자! 골라 골라보세요 네 골라보세요                        

Translation: MBN News' The Republic of Prostitution... Now Homosexuals Participate as Well

Last week, MBN News produced a segment on gay prostitution. With the shocking title of 성매매 공화국... 이젠 동성애 성매매까지 (The Republic of Prostitution... Now Homosexuals Participate as Well) I recommend watching it at MBN News' homepage. Pay particular attention to how they characterize the same-sex prostitution as something worse than heterosexual prostitution.  Some of the language is quite dramatic.

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