The Dalmaji Limited - A walk along Busan’s abandoned railway

A walk along Busan’s abandoned railway

Originally constructed in 1918 as part of the Donghae Nambu line, the tracks were abandoned last December. The old Haeundae Station, which stood right by the beach, has now been relocated* to Jwa-dong, a full 15 minutes by car further from the sands.


The replacement of the line comes as a massive blow for trainspotters and railway enthusiasts, as chugging down by the coastline as the sun hung over the sea, or set over Gwangan Bridge, was most tranquil indeed.

Until They Bleed

By Eli Toast

When I left Ralph at the bus station his mien was one of resigned disappointment with the way things had panned out. He was going back to a different part of Asia and I was boarding a train heading south the same evening. I took a rickshaw to the train station and enjoyed a pleasant conversation with the driver about our families and life trajectories. At the train station I sat and waited like everyone else, all of us looking nauseously green beneath the platform’s droning sodium bulbs.

Trains and Trains


by Melissa Tait

So, trains are a great way to travel. Just rock up, no security, as much luggage as you want and a gentle swaying motion as you travel. And I have a ‘thing’ for trains. I like to keep an eye on them…make sure they are running to schedule…maybe even ‘spot’ some interesting ones..and my little interest got a severe workout when I lived across from a train station in Busan. As a Busanite I’m sure you’re aware of the KTX Busan to Seoul express, 300 kms/hour, 2 hours 18 minutes. But here are a few insights which might help you use the train for shorter trips or save a few won.

Types of Trains

I Saw It!

Mt. Fuji!!

Thanks to my myriad of guide books, and my obsessive Japlanning, I realized on my Shinkansen train ride up from Osaka to Tokyo that there was a good chance of being able to see Japan's most famous peak as the train whizzed past.

Between the stops of Shizuoka and Yokohama sits Mt. Fuji, just waiting, and sometimes hiding.

Escape from Philadelphia

As I stood in the cold, quiet PATCO subway station waiting for the delayed eastbound train bound for Camden, I stamped my numbed feet one long walk in the snow away from frostbite and remembered what I said earlier to Nuevo and Pickle about the plan this weekend:

"I'm going to make a memory." Once I decided it was still on, I was going to find a way back to Princeton for my going away dinner, and I was going to make the getting there an event to remember.

We had spent the evening drinking in some old, large Irish pub. At least I think it was Irish, I'm pretty sure it was. The place looked very old, so old, in fact a city had been built up around it, its entrance now down some alley, next to a parking garage.

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