Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Two women take an after-hours stroll through Tongyeong's Undersea Tunnel, Gyeongsangnam-do.

The tunnel was constructed during Japanese occupation of Korea in 1932, and was Asia's first submarine tunnel, connecting the city of Chungmu to Mireuk Island. Nowadays, a series of bridges also link the island to the mainland, and so the tunnel has been pedestrianised.

At the end of May, we visited a friend in Tongyeong (통영시) for...

Enjoying the turtle ships

Reenactment of a battle on a turtle ship

Reenactment of a battle on a turtle ship

Concert Hall

Outside the Concert Hall

Outside the Concert Hall

Put 7 Photographers on a Tiny Island in South Korea and This is the Result

Nothing is better than an island getaway with friends, especially when those friends are all excellent photographers. Last week I headed out with some of the best photographers in the area to the tiny island of Somaemuldo. This island is located near Tongyeong but really is isolated from everything. People come to fish (I think??) and just to get away from it all.


Hoods: Painting In Dongpirang

Korea’s cities can be obnoxiously monotonous at times. And thanks to the country’s fixation with capitalism, everywhere on the southern half of the peninsular looks pretty much the same.

Hoods intends to show that Korea’s real urban beauty is hidden where the veneer of modernity, is at its thinnest.

This is Dongpirang


Yoga and Volunteering for Marine Environment in Tongyeong

Dear friends,


I invite you to my free yoga class on weekends in Tongyeong City.


I am a researcher working for a non-governmental environmental research institute, OSEAN ( And I have been practicing yoga since 1998.


I would like to practice yoga with you, because it's easier when we are together.

where: in my house near Yongnam Elementary School in Tongyeong

when: 11 A.M. every Saturday and Sunday


I learned yoga from my yoga teacher in Jeju Island. And I learned yoga philosophy from Swami Dharmananda at Ved Nikethan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, staying there for a half year. And I practiced yoga with some friends in Daejeon and Changwon, too.

Now I am working for OSEAN, an NGO research institute. We are focusing on Marine Debris problem. If you are interested in volunteering for environment of Korea, you can come to us.  


Gyeong-nam, Tongyeong, Hangnam-dong - Tongyeong Haesu Land

Southeast from Mireuksan (Tongyeong)

Southeast from Mireuksan (Tongyeong)

Taken near the summit of Mireuk Mountain in Tongyeong, South Korea on July 5, 2011.

Somaemuldo View

Sometimes you just want to hop a 7 a.m. boat from Tongyeong, down a bowl of spicy ramen on an island called Somaemuldo, hike up a massive hill, and park your body on a grassy slope all afternoon, watching the rocks shift colour in the sun.

Question from a reader: Jeonju vs. Tongyeong?

A reader writes us:

Hi Chris,

I’ve just seen your website and was wondering if you might be able to help me! I am going to be moving to South Korea to teach English very soon and am trying to make a decision about where it is best for me to go… as you seem to have traveled quite a bit I hoped you might be able to help me out a little. I have many many questions and if you could find the time to answer one or all of them I’d be very grateful!

Bus Ride Hite, Portside Morning

Board a bus on a Friday night from Busan to Tongyeong, a little city west on the southeast coast, with a couple cans of Hite and a blue tent left in your apartment last year by a guy called Alex who lived in it before you arrived.  Bring a sleeping bag and a copy of The Korea Herald, bought for 1000 won from the newsstand guy at the Seomyeon subway transfer.  Look out the darkened window as the engine comes on.  Crack the Hite, crack the Herald.  Lean back and smile at Joe.  It’s Friday.  It’s April.  The evenings have started to shake off the cold; spring in Korea is on time.  You’re going camping.

But first, a night and a morning in Tongyeong



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