In Two Months

I have awesome news!!

Less than two months from now I will be on vacation, in JAPAN!!

I am super excited, have borrowed *cough*stolen*cough* my friend's Lonely Planet Japan, and now I need your advice of where I should go and what I should do and see!

I'm going to get the Rail Pass and I'll for sure be going to Tokyo and Kyoto.

Tokyo Time-Lapse: Japan as Metaphor?

Apropos of nothing more than my mellow mood this Sunday, two time-lapse videos of Tokyo by photographer Samuel Cockedey for you to enjoy.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Up until now, my Tokyo food experiences have largely consisted of the the sporadic grazing mentioned in the previous post, and a few excellent tonkatsu sanwiches from the convenience store. As such, I was beginning to think I was being priced out of the bulk of Tokyos food hotspots. A trip to the tourist mecca of Asakusa on Sunday changed that however, as I came across some unexpected street action and got a glimpse of Tokyo life into the bargain.

Tokyo Grazing

So it turns out Tokyo isn't much of a street food town. I came here expecting to see stall after stall of vendors selling everything from takoyaki to sashimi, but so far I've yet to lay eyes on a single solitary pushcart or portable grill. As such, my dream of eating cheaply in Tokyo whilst filling post after post with lurid descriptions of food I can only dream of, looks like it might be over before it even began.

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