Film Drop: Holga 120, Kodak Tmax and Portra

A few months back in the lackadaisical summer I started to fool around more with my holga (cheap medium format camera well known for ruining expensive film). I posted some of the color images here. I liked the way the images cohered, all sharing the same lo-fi qualities. I have been carrying the camera around a bit and trying to use it in different ways. I also started putting black and white through it. I’ve built up a pile of shots. Here are a most of them.


Film drop: Ilford hp5 400, fp4 125, delta 3200+kodak tmax 400

Back to monochrome with a few rolls from the last drop. Winding up a late Sunday here in Korea, taking an online traffic course while organizing a messy pile of negatives. Also making plans for a few days down in Jeolla-do exploring the agricultural rice belt. Here are the monochrome outtakes from the last month.
blog- tmax 400

blog- tmax 400

monochrome is good for you

Is shooting black and white kinda the equivalent if “eating your vegetables” for photographers? And is doing it on film different from converting a raw file that doesn’t work in color over to the dark side? These are things I’ve been wondering as I shot through a few black and white rolls over the last few weeks.


Instruction #26…”If you’re not sure it’s a picture, shoot it anyway” – Carolyn Drake

KICK BACK- Instruction #26

nikon fe2
nikkor 24mm
kodak tmax 100

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