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I know it’s pretty tacky of me to already fall behind, considering how I just got back. Unfortunately, my new job has become rather demanding as of late due to upcoming deadlines, and my focus will ultimately be on my source of income. The fact that I’m uploading this at 3:35AM may give curious minds […]

Dear Korea #123

Dear Korea #123

Well, this is awkward..

Dear Korea #102



HAPPY PEPERO DAY!! I was tempted to do another comic about those delicious chocolate biscuits (they have new flavors now!), but I resisted the urge.

For those of you that don’t know, many businesses in Korea are usually closed on Sundays. This includes pharmacies, stationary stores, and even certain restaurants. Not too long ago, a law was passed to close big chain stores on certain Sundays to help smaller businesses compete, so even those are out from time to time.

The Man on the Bus Sits

The Man on the Bus Sits

Dear Korea #063 - Feeling the Burn

Dear Korea #063

I don’t know if this is too common in bigger cities, but down here in Gwangju, we have more than enough mountains. As a result, mountain climbing (more like hiking uphill in some cases) is insanely popular, especially amongst the older folks. One man I know likes to go on an eight hour climb up a mountain, get drunk off of soju, pass out, and then climb back down before nightfall. This is something he looks forward to doing each weekend. I have no idea how that’s even possible.

Back to Work

Yesterday was a full day of learning what it will be like to be the team leader of the 2nd grade, at my school. It wasn't too bad, but of course started out with a hiccup. I arrived about 30 minutes early to rearrange the desks, and got this done. Then as I was heading back from a quick peek into a new teacher meeting there were students sitting in my room. I wasn't sure why, and after standing there for a while and seeing the parents outside I realized they were new students. They needed the level test and that is what they were waiting for.


My flight to SFO was quickened down to 9hrs because of strong jet streams along the way. I managed to get some shut eye on the plane. What also made it great was the middle seat was empty and the aisle seat was taken by a nice Berkeley guy who shared in the wonders of that city.

I'm currently at my hotel and waking up out of a 4 hour nap in a cozy Queen size bed. Not much is nearby this place, except if I wanted to walk several blocks. I don't feel like doing that so I'm going to order salad and pizza. I fly out tomorrow to catch a plane to Florida. I can't wait! A huge reunion.

Usually when I come back to America from abroad I feel really nostalgic on the first day. I kind of felt this way at the airport and ride over to the hotel. I admired the license plates and variety of cars and colors.

Dear Korea #052

Hey everyone! I’m back! Sorry again for the absence. I’ve apparently been sick with something that’s been kicking my behind. It’s not completely gone yet, but I’m at least well enough to spit out comics, which is all that matters in the end.

Dear Korea #046 - Too Young For This Stuff

Dear Korea #046

After being raised to treat old people as if they were the most fragile beings in the world, Korea turned out to be a bit of a shock to me. I often have to fight myself to not rush over and carry the ton of trash I see these old men and women dragging around. Yes, I have tried, and I have been dismissed many times.

Kind of makes you wonder what the next generation of Korean elderly will be like? I mean, you see these grandmothers lugging around stacks of boxes on their heads, and then you see girls in their 20′s whining about how heavy their purses are.

If I had to throw down with an old person in Korea, no matter their size, I think I’d have to put my money on them.

Dear Korea #042

Dear Korea #042

Not a very impressive comic, I know. They will start getting better (eventually…hopefully?).

Call me a dweeb, but I think I tend to stress out more than I actually should when I know someone from overseas is visiting. I tend to take on this silent obligation that every single moment they spend here needs to be perfect, and will more than often lead to me using a lot of money and time. What can I say? Do unto others, right?

Dear Korea #036

Dear Korea #036

I swear, this comic looked better in my head than it ended up looking on paper. Either way, I hope everyone kind of understands what I’m getting at.

For the most part, the having stairs EVERYWHERE thing is a good thing. I’m sure it’s one of the many reasons why Korean people in general tend to be healthier than people like me from the states. It just kind of gets to me when it’s incredibly hot outside, and I just want to sit down and nap. As shown in the comic, it’s also a little difficult to deal with when you have to use the bathroom asap.

April School Field Trip

Rant and Rave of the Week 4: Good morning Mr Kim

“Good Morning, Mr Kim” These are not the first words that instantly come to mind when being woken up to the sound of metal pipes being dropped twenty foot into a large hole. This clangorous assault on my sleep is accompanied by the inconsistent banging of a hammer, a utility van with its engine running while blasting out K-Pop as men attempt to shout over the noise. It’s Tuesday, seven in the morning – not my ideal wake-up call as I was expecting at least another uninterrupted hour in bed.

Of course, alarm clocks are normally not a sound people like and can be associated with that of a crying baby or somebody dragging their finger nails down a chalkboard. Generally these are universally considered sounds of aural torture. I have yet to speak to anybody who when asked what music they like, reply with ‘a cat on heat’.

Culmination of Challenges

Today I am writing this post but if things go grammatically wrong do forgive me. Work has been culminating into a pool of half good and half bad. The good half are the groups of children that function in the classrooom, and the bad half are the groups of children that are dysfunctional in the classroom. What has ended up happening is that the bad half drains the life out of me and makes me wish I wasn't a teacher.

The good half, on the other hand makes me feel warm inside when a toothless-girl smiles at me and we giggle together. This half makes me believe that I can transform the subject of "Math" and turn it into "Math English." I feel hopeful and full of life!

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