Vacation Planning Adventures of a Travel Newbie (Beijing and Bangkok)

Aside of deciding on the countries and cities I wanted to vacation in, the three biggest things to plan for were flights, hotels, and what to do once I'm there.  I have never been a huge travel bug.  The biggest outing before coming to Korea was a flight to Florida from NYC when I was living in the Big Apple.  I stayed with family, got picked up and everything was pretty much vanilla.

Now I live in South Korea, and I will be vacationing in Beijing and Bangkok come summer break in August. This is huge for me.  Since being in Korea I've visited Tokyo and Seoul, but nothing other than that.

The Japan Rail Pass

Japan was a wonderful whirlwind.  I went to 6 cities in 8 days.  It was crazy, and busy, and jam packed and really amazing.

I honestly would not have been able to see as much as I did without the Japan Rail Pass.  It is awesome!  It's pretty expensive, but if you're going to travel all over Japan it's totally worth it.  As much as I saw it definitely paid for itself.  It's hard to know exactly how much I would've spent on trains since my tickets didn't have prices on them, but I've read the pass pays for itself in one round trip between Tokyo and Osaka. 

Koreans Love Baseball Too

I’ve been anticipating the start of the Korean baseball season pretty much since the end of last season when, due to still being a newbie to Korea, I knew little about it and was likewise unable to secure any tickets to a game here in Busan. It’s a shame because the Busan squad, Lotte Giants, happens to be one of the better squads in league.

Dream Concert Tickets for May 22 2010

 Anyone know how to get tickets for Korean Concerts? Specifically the Dream Concert coming up in May? Thanks a million.

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