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Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2013

Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk 2013 Ulsan


The day is finally coming up and I hope that everyone is ready. If you haven’t registered yet please do. The reason for registering is simply to be eligible for the prizes from Scott Kelby and that is pretty much it. So, if you don’t feel like submitting your info, you don’t have to. If you are competitive and want to submit your photos into the main photo contest then I believe that you are obligated to. At any rate, What I want is for everyone to come out and have a good time.

Wol-jeong Bridge and the Traditional Village

wol-jong bridge

After seeing this bridge on John Steele’s blog post, I just had to head out there and get some shots. I am little burnt that those guys traveled all the way down here and didn’t even call! (LOL, just kidding guys… but next time…) The Wol-jeong bridge is still under construction at the moment but  they light up most of the bridge for everyone to take a look at.

Sunset Day

In honour of the Weather Channel’s Sunset Day event on Google+ I thought that I would show a few of my recent sunset shots. In the recent months, there have been some spectacular sunsets. Part of my interest in this event is because of my geography background. My final course that I took was climatology and that helped give me an interest in weather and things like this.

Online Critiques: Do We Really Need Them?

Whenever I see a decent shot and there is a statement under the title saying “Comments and critiques are greatly appreciated” I read it as “I know this shot is good, so just verify it for me and I will be happy” The reason is that  nobody really wants a full blown harsh critique that would make Simon Cowell run crying home like a sissy girl, no matter how “constructive” it is. I don’t put too much stock in comments or critiques from random people online anymore. They are nice to get and I love  hearing about people that like my photos but that is about it. In my numerous years of putting my stuff out there on the internet I have gotten very  few “good” critiques of my photos and by that I mean ones that were actually useful.

The Ulsan Museum: Improving on your Past

The Ulsan Museum at night with dark blue sky and reflection

Years ago, I took some shots of the, then, new museum in Ulsan. Over the following years, I have upgraded my camera and changed how I edit my images. Thus, I have been wanted to go back and retake some of my shots.It is always a good idea to return to places with a new perspective of sorts so that  you can greatly improve your photos.

Peter DeMarco’s 2nd Solo Exhibition


Recently,  I had the pleasure of being at the opening of Peter DeMarco’s 2nd solo exhibition titled “The Nomad Within: The Wonders of Asia”. I regretfully missed his first one but being as this exhibition is Ulsan, I had no excuses.

The New Flickr: Love it or Leave it?

Flickr- Your Photostream

The new profile page

When I woke up this morning, drearily dragged my fat bottom into the gym.  After scanning the lasted posts kept coming up again and again. “Flickr has changed!! OMG 1 TB of storage!” Sadly from my phone couldn’t tell what all the hype was about.

Photography eBook Reviews

Photography eBook Reviews - Quality reviews of your favorite Photography eBooks


Fukuoka, Japan


Now before you point out the obvious about the fact that this is a “Korean photography blog” and  how dare I bring up Japan, just let me point out that a lot of people I know have been asking about Fukuoka…. Japan, for a while now and I thought that I would share some thoughts, tips and tricks.

Mark Cohen Street Photographer in Ulsan



Every Month or so the Ulsan Mirae (Future) Photography Forum brings in a new speaker to talk to it’s members about a range of different topics. If you remember a while ago, I was their first speaker and it was an interesting time. This time around it seemed more of a formal event. People seemed more engaged with the speaker and certainly asked a lot more questions.

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