3 Interesting Facts about Korean Thanksgiving- Chuseok

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It’s that time of the year again, “the season with clear skies and stout horses.” Nothing depicts what Korean fall looks alike more accurate than this old saying. During the fall season, the weather is the best and the harvested crops are so plentiful that even livestock get to enrich themselves. Therefore, what’s not to like about this peaceful season?

Thanksgiving Blues

by Pablo Harris

You know there’s only one thing that can make me smile
Barkeep, just make my turkey wild
They got all them bird & biscuits, peas & mashed potatas in a pile
But all I need is a glass of that turkey, Wild

Baby ain’t in bed, she certainly ain’t in the kitchen
‘Cause she knows I’m a seven year itchin’
Don’t need no rocks, don’t even need a glass
Sure as hell don’t need you to preach no mass

There’s only one thing that can make me smile
Barkeep, just make my turkey wild
They got all them bird & biscuits, peas & mashed potatas in a pile
But all I need is a glass of that turkey, Wild

Perhaps I should give my babe a call
Perhaps I should take the next train to ‘Frisco
But I know we’ll end up in a brawl
Me camping in the ditch with a bottle of Cisco

Dear Korea Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Korea Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for not posting a comic this week. You get a simple little image instead! What can I say? Even in Korea, Thanksgiving week has this ability to keep me good and busy. I hope everyone has a great Thursday, and an even better weekend! If you have any cool plans, or even ideas on […]

Get Ready, Get Set…Chuseok

by Ben Haynes

What a wonderful time of year we’ve happened upon! The harvest season, celebrated in as many ways as there are people and religions on this blessed planet. Yes, it’s all about getting together and enjoying the company of family and and gorging on the fruits of a well worked field or cubicle. Maybe packing on a few kilos for the winter months for good measure.

To observe this time of bounty, Americans roast up the largest, antibiotic-filled, corn fed turkey we can find at the grocery and then stuff it with some….. stuffing.

Apples for Chuseok

Apples for Chuseok

Sweet Potato Pastries for “Chuseok”

This year’s 추석: (Chuseok or 

So thankful!

I have so much to be thankful this year - a great job, a cute little apartment to call home, fabulous co-teachers who are also great friends, a loving family back home, a sweet kitty, wonderful friends in Korea and the U.S., a supportive, adventurous, loving and handsome husband!!!!!, and a plane ticket that'll take me to Indonesia for a month and then home to the US in March!  Hallelujah! 

Oh, and I'm thankful for the delicious Thanksgiving feast that Aaron and I cooked up after work last night...

Ashley’s Cheesecake

I looove cheesecake! ^^ Here in Korea, my favorite cheesecake is the one from Ashley. My husband likes it, too. In fact, every year on our wedding anniversary, hubby buys cheesecake and wine for our simple celebration at home. It has become an anniversary tradition.

Thanksgiving Menu for the Seamen's Club November 22nd, please reserve


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of comic! It’s going to be a few days late this week. To make up for it, here’s an image I drew for our fine fans at Facebook for Thanksgiving Day. I know it’s too late to post this here, but I hope it will do until I get the new comic up.

Here’s the explanation that went with the image.


Friday is treating me well,  my friends.

I wake up (after a long Thanksgiving night filled with BBQ and cognac) to an email inbox full of messages from my mom and older sister asking me when I plan to log on Skype so the family to see me during their Thanksgiving festivities in Savannah GA. I barely manage to pull myself out of bed and wipe the crusties from my eyes before I’m flipping open the computer to see my entire family dressed in their Sunday’s best, huddled over the computer on the other end. The perfect way to start any day in my opinion. It was just what I needed.

Work proved to be interesting as well.

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