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You should post OOTDs!! That top looks gorgeous, and you're very beautiful as well!

I am not embarrassed to admit that I had to google OOTD LOL! >_< I’m not down with the slang...

Dear Dad

Dad and NathanDear Dad,

In ten hours I’ll be on a plane to Korea. At the moment, the only thing that amazes me more than that fact is your boundless love and support. Where ever my passions have called me, you have been a constant force of guidance and encouragement. No words are good enough to adequately express how much that means to me, and how lucky and proud I feel to be your son.

In Recognition for Contributions to Irish Culture in Korea…


On Thursday night I was invited over to the Embassy of Ireland in Seoulfor a special event. It had been a while since I’d been there, having been in on occasion helping promote Irish Association of Korea events, and for other reasons. I brought the family with me this time, and remembered to take a shave and a shower beforehand. The visit was worth the effort.

2012 Year in Review

It has been an exciting year for me here at Jason Teale Photography and The Sajin Blog. I have learned a lot and taken a few pictures along the way. So with today being December 31st, I thought that I would take a look back at the year and show some of my favorite pictures along the way.


One of the biggest lessons that I learned is to make a brand for yourself and stick to it. As we first get into photography, we take shots of everything that we think looks nice. As I turn the corner in my path as a photographer I have learned to focus on what I do well and work hard at improving myself in those areas. In the past year I have found myself returning to old locations to “re-shoot” and further fine tune images that I have taken before.

Happy Christmas from If I Had a Minute to Spare

Over here at If I Had A Minute To Spare towers we are gradually tuning away from the normal humdrum business of changing and feeding +1 and hoping to celebrate our first Christmas together as a family. It’s unlikely +1 will remember it, but Herself and I shall, so it’s an exciting week ahead.

Not much else to say but wish you and all your family a very happy Christmas, and all the best for 2013.

Hope to have lots more blogging activity sent your way in the new year, and thanks again for reading!

Here’s a few shots of our tree, including pressies – most of which are for +1 (increasingly difficult to refer to my new child as this however I shall persevere for now)!

Thank you, Mamas & Papas – A Letter From Mama Monica

Mama Monica, here.

MMPKorea has been a great part of my experience and memory in Korea, but I have moved away and can no longer be a regular help with the Makgeolli Mamas & Papas community.  With that said, Mama Julia is still loving makgeolli in Seoul and workin’ her little booty off to share the joy.

I would like to say thank you to you.  Thank you for really great memories, delicious makgeolli moments, phenomenal pajeon and new friendships, It has been really exciting to see MMPKorea grow and reach new potentials.  It has also been really special to be a part of makgeolli, watching the world fall in love with it.

Liebster Award

I Got it!!!


So about a month or so ago, I started a project to see if I could get the espresso machine of my dreams using only the income earned from my photography. When I started I thought that it would be an easy thing. Little did I know that social or crowd funding was such a tricky business.

It was a long few weeks of campaigning and posting. Strangely enough, there was a mixed response largely due to how I put across my intentions. Most took this project as a “Something for nothing” type of deal rather than what I was thinking it was, and that was a “help me out in exchange for photos of Korea” deal.


This one was written over a month ago now in the wake of the ending of my relationship with Fallon. I wasn't sure I wanted to post it, but it seems right that such a significant period in my life be commemorated on my site. I've not edited it at all since I wrote it in early January.

Goodbyes are a common part of life on the road. Differing itineraries and budgets mean that no friendship or relationship on the road can last forever. Eventually you'll have to part ways and experience that bittersweet mix of emotions as you're both grateful for the time you've had with a person and sad that the time was not longer.

For almost two years I was lucky enough to have shared a path with Fallon. Having met at a house party in Gwangju, we bonded over our mutual hatred of night clubs and our mutual closeness to our families.

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