Dal Thai

Thai cuisine is amazing. Everyone knows that. The spicy yet refreshing blend of spices, the creamy flavor of coconut milk, and the fresh pop of flash fried vegetables add up to make an enchanting mix. When done right…. and it isn’t easy to do right. So it was myself and three friends headed up the hill towards Dalmaji, with a heady mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Korea in Chiang Mai


You spend enough time in Asia as an Irishman and you give up expecting to find Irish stuff. You know you’ll stumble across something here or there, but at the best of times all you can find is a can of Guinness and a Westlife song. Chiang Mai, despite its large expat population and even larger tourist numbers was no better than Korea, or anywhere else I’ve been. I had hoped for half a day or so, but any hopes I had were soon dashed by the obvious.

Tom Yam Soup with Mackerel (or frogs!)

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!  And although it is the Year of the Snake, I’m posting something with frogs- if you so dare!_MG_1286Okay so I made this soup with mackerel, a perfectly normal fish, when I made this at home.. however- I did partake in jungle frog Tom Yam soup when I went on a trek in the Northern Thailand jungle.IMG_1688I shared some of these photos already, but I didn’t really go into detail.

A little taste of Thailand in Itaewon. Thai Orchid Restaurant.

There's a small selection of Thai restaurants in Seoul. Although the number is slowly growing the quality can vary greatly at these new establishments. Thai Orchid has been around a few years and for a reason. The food is good at a reasonable price.

I've visited a couple of more expensive Thai restaurants. One that springs to mind is 'After The Rain' in Cheongdam. Sadly the high price did not equal higher quality. The food was much more expensive than the food at 'Thai Orchid' but the standard was similar. It certainly wasn't good enough to make me return.

Just a Taste

Small place opened in late 2010.  Serves Thai style noodles and salad.   One table for two and 5 bar stools.  Take-out available, vegetarian on request. 

Located in Kyungsungdae. 

Subway, exit#1,  after the police station, turn right at the 25 convenience store.  A couple shops down on the right.   Google Map here



New Thai Noodle Bar in Kyungsung

I just happened upon a new restaurant run by a Korean guy and he cooked up some very very good, authentic tasting Pad Thai. The noodles come in chicken (5,500 won) or prawn (5,000 won) varieties and the serving size is enough to fill you up.

My only gripes were that there were no peanuts or lime juice. The owner speaks good English, and he told me that peanuts are usually in there but they'd just run out that day. Also, he reckons that Koreans wouldn't eat it if he included limes (not that you can buy them here anyway).

Besides the noodles, there are a few other things on the menu: a chicken roll, some salads and a few other things I can't remember. You can also get Cass on tap for 2,500 won. And there's bubble tea, which strangely hasn't caught on in Busan yet.

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