Korea Blog Podcast: Korea’s English Fever, Or English Cancer?

Do all South Korean students need English in order to be a success? And why are students learning to score well on tests rather than to actually speak English? Seoul-based essayist, broadcaster, & Los Angeles Review of Books Korea Blog writer Colin Marshall joins Korea FM’s Chance Dorland to discuss the negative consequences of Korea’s ESL industry he describes as a cancer.

Korea Movie Scene Idea

Part of the process of getting a work visa to teach English as a second language in Korea involves a medical check.  Before they issue you a visa they measure your chest size, foot size, test your eye site, and then they do a blood test for STDs.  Yes, they measure your chest size as part of the teacher visa process.  I was tested for diseases back in Canada before I came over to save myself the trouble of having to head home if I was positive for anything.  Not sure how I’m still negative for everything, considering the numbers involved, but I guess I’ll just thank my lucky stars.

Speaking Test Ideas for ESL Students

From bane to beautiful, Lindsay Herron reflects on various speaking test approaches.

Your Life Depends on It: 수능 Korea’s CSAT (A Student’s Story)


By Flora Lee

Life in Korea: getting an AIDS test free and anonymously

Author's note: Life in Korea posts are aimed at the newer expats amongst us - if you have a more experienced perspective to offer, feel free to comment away.

After the recent Rubber Seoul event, I thought I'd share a little public service announcement. An AIDS test is something that should be on your list if you're sexually active. The Korea Federation for HIV/AIDS Prevention (KHAP) offers free and anonymous testing in Seoul and Ansan twice a month, once at each location. Beyond the free condoms you can pick up there, it's important. For more information or make a reservation, check out www.khap.org.

Head to the Ansan center every 1st Sunday or the Seoul center every 3rd Sunday. You need a reservation; call 02-927-4323 for the Seoul center or 031-495-0560 for the Ansan center. 

"ETS Hauls in Billions of Won Without Paying Back"

Say what you will about Kang Shin Who - considered by Brian in Jeollanam-do to be one of the most racist Korean reporters, but the points in this most recent story are intriguing:

Nonprofit American test provider ETS is exempted from taxation, even though it earns tens of millions of dollars and maintains an office in Korea ― appearing to contradict tax rules.

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