I Love Seoul, I Like Temple: Temple Stay Diary


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Destination: Songgwangsa (Suncheon, Jeollanam-do)

The monks were everywhere. One was beating his wooden moktok, another was laboriously carrying a load of plants, and a third was walking through the courtyard. A number were meditating behind one of the hall’s closed doors, while even more were seen walking in a separate section of the temple, restricted to visitors. One was even seen bringing a Dunkin’ Donuts bag into the monks-only section. At that point, the Lady in Red pinched me, telling me that this is indeed not a dream – there really are lots of monks here. Then again, why wouldn’t they be?

Destination: Yongmunsa (Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do)

Not to be confused with the surrounding Yongmunsan Resort (용문산관광지), Yongmunsa offers a thousand-year-old tree just outside of a temple founded as the Silla dynasty was ending. It seems a bit disingenuous to put an amusement park right next to a Buddhist temple, but there it is.

Destination: Yongjusa (Hwaseong city, Gyeonggi-do)

This deva carries the pagoda in one hand and a deadly weapon in the other - bow to all four, including 다문천왕 (deo-mun-cheon-wang) before passing through.

Yongjusa (용주사, 龍珠寺) is unique among Korean temples for having a 홍살문 (hong-sal-mun), or a gate typically found at the entrance of a royal tomb:

On 'bad' tourist places - do the DMZ and a templestay belong on the 101 places NOT to see list?

If you're one of those people who really want to know where not to travel, you are now in luck. A new 272-page softcover book 'lowlights' the 101 places not to see before you die. The anti-travel book makes sense, considering how the genre / meme has taken off. From the author's website:

Destination: Bomunsa

Correction: The Bomun order is Korea's only order of Buddhist nuns (HT to Gomushin Girl), not Asia's. See the comments for more.

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