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If I were to pick a favourite temple in Korea, it would be a tie between Tongdosa and Haedong Younggunsa. While I love Tongdosa in the spring and fal for the leaves and blossoms, Haedong Younggunsa is great all year round.

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I went to Gakwonsa Temple (각원사) in Cheonan last summer, but the...

I went to Gakwonsa Temple (각원사) in Cheonan last summer, but the “big Buddha” is more impressive in the winter. Also, the temple is way less crowded.

Geumjeong Mountain – Amazing views of Busan!

Because Korea is almost completely covered in mountains, there are countless places to go for a breath-taking view! We recently checked out a mountain view fairly close to us in North Busan. I heard about the Geumjeong mountain cable car from my co-teacher in my first year in Yangsan, but we didnt make it there until now! Like we’ve been saying a lot lately, we should have gone a lot sooner!

Follow Us Around Haeundae!

Follow Us Around videos are highly requested, and we love filming them! It feels like we’re hanging out all day. :) On this day we wandered around Haeundae, where we hadn’t visited since before summer! We like it a lot more without the throngs of people in the summer. We could probably do a couple “Follow Us Around Haeundae” videos that show you different areas of the neighborhood.

In this video we covered Haeundae station, the market, the area around Paradise Hotel, and the temple by the sea, Haedong Yonggungsa! Hope you enjoyed the video, and stay tuned for more “Follow Us Around” videos! If you have any neighborhood requests, let us know!

Haedong Yonggungsa – Dragon Temple by the Sea!

We didn’t always enjoy going to temples in Korea. In fact, I thought that while the temples were visually interesting, that they all looked the same. I got bored with them very quickly. That changed once I met Dale from Dale’s Korean Temple Adventures, a well-known blog in Korea. He also lives in Yangsan, and even works at the school just down the street from mine!

Temple Lights and a Rooftop Petting Zoo

This weekend we explored the Lotte Mall in Nopo, which we knew had some great panoramic views from the roof. We didn’t know the place was host to a fountain show on the first floor and a petting zoo on the roof though! So that was a pleasant surprise. After touring the mall, we headed over to the Samkwangsa Temple, to see the many lanterns they were preparing for Buddha’s birthday next week.

Haedong Yonggungsa: Busan’s Water Temple


Looking through our ever-increasing stash of digital snapshots the other day, I realized that we have been sorely inefficient in documenting all the things we’ve been up to since we got here in July.  I’d apologize, but I’m not really all that sorry that we’ve been too busy living life to stay home and write about all our adventures.  However, as we endure a last blast or two of cold weather before spring, I’m going to try to get caught up on some of the things we did and saw when it was warmer outside.

Miryang Temple

This is a modern seven story temple located in Muan near Miryang. It houses a collection of Buddhist artifacts from around the world. There are also more traditional temples on the grounds.

One of the nicest parts about this temple is that you have to park in a car park near near a traditional village and walk through pretty streets and over bridges.

This is truly a hidden gem in Gyeongsangnam do. Definitely worth a visit. We plan to return soon!

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