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Sick in South Korea

After three years in South Korea I've finally fallen ill. It's been a good run, but something eventually had to give. For the past two days I've been either perched on the toilet or writhing in agony in my bed in the prelude to another visit to the toilet. Graphic stuff, I know. Apologies.


Progress Report

It's been a shade over two months since I got to Korea and it's high time that I give everybody back home (and around the world) an update on how life in Korea has been treating me this time around. Despite having near two years of experience with this confusing and sometimes frustrating corner of the world, Korea has managed to dish up plenty of fresh challenges for me in my third stint in the land of the morning calm.


People I Meet: Ashley and Jason from Chicago


Days in Korea: Somewhere close to 365

Days left in Korea: 2

First met Ashley: Through email last December, when she wrote to me from SLP, the private school where I now work

What she said:Most days I love the kids and teaching. . . it’s very clean, lunches are good, and the kids are amazing.”

Tagline on their blog Karma Travels: Love to Help. Love to Travel

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