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49 Things to Do to Get Uni Jobs in South Korea

Uni Jobs in South Korea

If you’re looking for information about uni jobs in South Korea, then check out this SlideShare presentation with the top 49 tips for how to do just that! There are lots of tips and tricks that will help you increase your chances to get one of the best ESL teaching jobs in the entire world. How does $2500 USD per month, 15 teaching hours and 5 months of paid vacation sound to you?

Candidly Kate: Feeling Seoul Unsettled


It’s been two and a half weeks since I boarded the KTX and moved my life up to Seoul from Busan.  To say that the transition was a bumpy ride would be an understatement, but I’ve had a lot of support from my parents, my friends back home and in Busan, as well as new friends and colleagues (not to mention superiors) who have helped in many ways (most notably cracking the whip on my landlord to fix my water as well as getting me a sweet new armoire).

Teaching Abroad: Fun, but Not Financially Lucrative

teaching-abroadTeaching Abroad: Fun, but not Financially Lucrative

I’ve been living out the Life After ESL part of my life since I moved to Canada a few weeks ago after living in Korea for the past 10 years. If you’re interested in transitioning out of teaching English abroad, check out the book I wrote about that:

How to Teach English to University Students

It’s That Time of Year!

English classes in Korean Universities

Korea: 10 Things I Don’t Miss About You

Leaving Korea? Top 10 Tips to Do it Well


Top 10 Tips for Expats Leaving Korea

The day has come! I’m leaving Korea! After 10.5 years in Korea, I’m down to my last 3 days in the land of the kimchi. Overall, I’m feeling pretty upbeat about the whole thing and know it’s the right decision. Just this very morning I completed the last little bit of paperwork I needed to do and it’s now smooth sailing straight to the homeland.

Here are my top 10 tips for those leaving Korea. They’re more applicable to those who’ve been here at least a few years like myself. Newbies are usually still living out of a couple suitcases so it’s much easier to pack up and go.

Contact Hours in Korean Universities: It’s Not Important


ESL Cafe: Ahhh

There’s this ridiculous thread over on ESL Cafe which is too ridiculous for me to even link to, and a strong reminder of why I don’t really frequent there anymore except when I see some traffic from there to a blog post of mine.

Job Conditions at Korean Universities are Eroding

Hagwon Hell to Heaven

Life in South Korea: Make it Awesome

10 Things I Love about Living and Teaching in South Korea

Teaching in South Korea

10 Things I Love about Living and Teaching in South Korea

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