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Really Korea, really?

진짜, 진짜! (I am OBSESSED with that word and it is not okay anymore) A few thoughts about the culture differences here in South Korea that shock me and make me want to just scream, "Are you KIDDING me!?"

Re: 12 rules for expat life in Korea

A recent article on CNNGo recently talked about the 12 rules for expat life in Korea. While I found myself agreeing with some of them, living in Korea requires more than drinking like a fish or learning to dance K-pop (yikes!). If you’re coming to Korea to teach, work as a business person, serve the military, or otherwise hold a respectable position in Korean society, THESE are the 12 rules to follow.

1. Embrace the culture’s take on alcohol, but know when to say when. Going to the bar with friends and co-workers is common, and (if the boss is paying) a chance for a superior to show their position. At the same time, know when enough is enough. You need not refuse a drink, but sip instead of chug, and choose beer over soju any chance you get – the latter is four times as potent.

open class.

So, I moved to Korea and supposedly I teach children English, but where is the proof you say? My pictures are mostly of fun escapades and cute children playing around, what actual English do I teach them? How is it possible that someone like me could be a teacher?! (Let's just say if I can do, so can you)

Why Korea? 10 Reasons We Teach Here

So you’re excited by the idea of getting paid to live abroad and teach English, but you’re overwhelmed by all of the options. Europe is glamorous, South America is caliente, Japan is from the future, China is fascinating, Thailand is a tropical paradise… so, why choose South Korea? We at Teach Korea Tips believe that Korea’s charm as a fascinating place to live and visit is vastly underrated. For whatever reason, Korea just doesn’t have the same romance in the  imaginations of most Westerners as some of its neighbors, and we think that is a big oversight. Here, in no particular order, are our…

Top 10 Reasons to “Teach Korea”

1. Food Lindsey and I fell hard for the unique blend of spicy, tangy, and savory that is Korean cuisine and now we can’t get enough of it. Some love it, some hate it. But almost everyone agrees on the barbeque.

Should you teach English in Korea? A 10 question quiz to help you find out

Author's note: this post is dedicated to the wonderful readers that aren't in Korea yet, but have been thinking about coming to teach English in Asia. For those readers already in Korea, do the time warp back to before you came to Korea - I'd be interested in hearing your scores as well.

OK, admit it. You've been on the fence for awhile now, and you've thought that teaching English in a foreign country might be kind of fun. Still a job, but fun. Take it from a guy that's doing it - there's a lot more to it than being an Education major or being good with kids. Your entire lifestyle will change, pure and simple. To see if you're ready for those changes - and to see if you're cut out for this line of work - take the quiz.

ESLinsider: How to teach English/teacher training +

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Question from a reader: the phone interview

I love questions from readers! Search my blog to see if your question has already been answered - if it hasn't, e-mail me at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

A reader writes in asking about interviews:

Hi Chris,

I have really been enjoying your blog while I am going through the process of moving to South Korea for an ESL job myself.

When I searched your blog I couldn't find any info about how it went when you were interviewing with schools to get jobs.

Question from a reader: personal questions


A reader writes in (question edited for length):

Question from a reader: nervous about coming to Korea and getting a career started

A reader named M writes in again with a few follow-up questions:Hi, I think I may of emailed you awhile back but not sure. Anyway, I gave up the idea of teaching in s.korea a few months back but now after seeing utube videos of a couple there it looks fun. However, I really have to decide and tell the recruiter yes or no by tommorrow and i need a job asap so wanted to ask some questions. (my

Question from a reader: summer camp jobs

A reader writes in:

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