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Higher education opportunity

Craig White, the man behind Daegu Pockets (among other side projects like the Korea Beat and Galbijim) sent me some information about an opportunity to get a TESOL certification. From the Facebook event page:

The only TESOL Certificate program developed and disseminated from internationally renown university professors consisting of both academic instruction and the latest practical advice for classroom teaching. This course differs from standard TESOL (CELTA-UK) courses due to its researched and clear focus on classroom tasks that incorporate tasks aimed at quicker L2 acquisition Asian EFL Journal (AEJ) TESOL trainers have received extensive training in academic and practical contexts as well as many years of classroom and curriculum development experience.

My Birthday in Korea

10 Sep 2009, So all the stress from the job and the culture shock just dissolves away and I realise that I'm happy to be here because some students really want to celebrate my birthday.

"English Teachers Complaining About Hagwons, Media Portrayal"

The Korea Beat has recently translated a story that begins to explain a lot of the negative media attention to English teachers. Interestingly enough, the article (originally from the Chosun Weekly) used one of Korea Beat's stories and several comments to try and get the word out - in Korean. The more Koreans see foreigners as people trying to do a job and be treated fairly, the more credible we as a group look when one-off stories on 'unqualified' teachers run.

A couple highlights from the translated article:
The problem is that most media reports focus only on “trouble-causing
native speaker teachers”, portraying all teachers as being like those in the
articles. Every time major news media raise doubts about native speaker teachers

Teacher fired after getting the swine flu

Now here's a story that makes us scratch our heads. Brian in Jeollanam-do broke the story, and the Midnight Runner has done an excellent podcast with the teacher supposedly affected.

The Canadian teacher, only identified as 'Mark' had been on vacation in Thailand, then returned to Korea. He began feeling sick about 4-5 days after returning to Korea (though 'Mark' never mentions having a week of quarantine, which has quickly become standard procedure for most schools too worried about foreign teachers getting sick). From the podcast, his hagwon asked him to come into work even though they knew he was sick.

Surprising the Kids

25 Aug 2009, I am happy to be learning Korean, and I am actually learning a bit! I find that it gets easier to learn as time passes and as I keep looking up the same words again and again.

Getting Creative

4 May 2009, I try to be creative to help my students learn English and put together various ideas.

I Do Live in Korea

23 Jul 2009, I had a 100 won coin on the table a couple days ago and one student next to me says "That's Korean money", and I'm just like "Yeah, I know" and she's shocked! "You know? How?" "Uh, I live in Korea..."

Learning Korean at Work

24 Jul 2009, There's a Korean word "퍽" (meaning 'very'), which should be pronounced "puck", but the Koreans often make the P sound like an F...

Cross-Cultural Issues

25 Jun 2009, I talk a little some issues I have faced in working half-way around the world.

Korean Education

15 Jul 2009, I talk a little on why Koreans are bringing so many foreign teachers to their schools.

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