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Question: teaching English outside of Korea?

'Jenny' writes asking the following:

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy reading it. I've actually been teaching in Korea for the past year. I just got back to the US, but I plan on returning to Korea for one more year. I've been thinking about trying to teach in another country after that. I don't have any teaching credentials. All I have is my experience. I was just wondering what other countries I would be able to teach in.

Korean Writing

6 Nov 2009, I ramble a little bit on how differently Koreans and English speakers manipulate words to form compounds, abbreviations, and initials.

Classroom Korean

Question from a reader: China vs. Korea

A reader from Europe writes:

hey, I stumbled upon ur blog and i have to say its pretty cool!

Im from Europe and I also plan on coming to seoul to teach! Trouble is, Ive also been offered a job in Shanghai and I wanted to know if yu'd been there and maybe u could compare ie:terms of living

Hope u can help,

cheers, L.

Hi there my wonderful European reader,

Question from a reader: attitude and integrity

A reader writes in asking about teaching and attitude - if you have a question about life in Korea, e-mails are always welcomes at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com. 'C' writes:

Hi Chris,
I am super interested in teaching in South Korea. I lived there from 1987-1990 when my father was in the US Air Force. I have always been interested in returning to visit. It's only recently that I have given serious thought to working while in Korea. I have very fond memories of exploring many areas of Songtan / Pyongtaek city as well as the areas of Seoul outside of Yongsan Army Base. I went to school at Seoul American High.

Question from a reader: recruiters and pre-existing psychological conditions?

Author's note: if you have first-hand experience or knowledge about pre-existing psychological conditions, feel free to comment. You can use a fake name / handle in the comments if you like.

A reader named J. writes in:

Hi Chris,

I've applied to teach in Korea and I expressed interest in working for a public school. Do you know if there is a big difference between EPIK and SMOE? I'd prefer to go with SMOE because I'd rather live in/near a big city than in a rural location, but I think my choices might be a) go for EPIK in February/March or b) go for SMOE in August/September. I might have read the email wrong (I asked for clarification) but I'm curious if EPIK might be okay. I'd rather leave in Feb/Mar than later next year.

Korean Pronunciation

29 Sep 2009, I want to help other English Teachers by pointing out some problems that arise from some fundamental differences between English and Korean. You will need to understand this if you want to help the kids rhyme in English! Otherwise, they'll never learn that "right" (라잇) and "eat" (잇) don't rhyme in English.

Question from a reader: Come to Korea to find a job?

Another reader writes in a question - I LOVE questions from readers! If you have one that's not already been answered in other posts (please search first!), e-mail me at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com. The reader writes:

Hey, Chris,

First off, thanks! Thank you for sharing your experience and offering support via your website to people unknown to you. As Spike Lee said in one of his first movies, "That's mighty white of you" (She's Gotta Have It).

I am taking the Bridge online 120-hour course. I have the time now, and figured it couldn't hurt, although I have no idea if this will help me secure a better-conditions, higher-paying job.

Speedy Recruiting L.L.C.



Speedy Recruiting L.L.C. is a new kind of recruiting agency that deals specifically with placing qualified teachers in positions in Busan, South Korea. We are run by former business owners, teachers, principals, and hogwan school managers. Together, we are fluent in Korean and English, and understand the needs of English Academies and teachers better than any other. Beyond this, we do an excellent job of integrating foreigners into Korean culture. We give them the information and resources necessary to feel at home in Busan.


If you are looking to fill a position, contact us at speedy.recruiting@gmail.com as soon as possible.


To Your Success,


How to Learn

23 Sep 2009, I've realised that trying teach a second/foreign language is just like trying to teach math: very few kids will actually understand the fundamental principles, so the best you can hope for is to teach a few basic patterns.

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