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Don't blame the foreigners - an interesting look into Japan's English educational system

From the Japan Times comes an article on the JET program. The entire article is worth reading, but I've copied and pasted a few juicier parts.

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme, touted as the world's largest cultural exchange scheme, has brought thousands of non-Japanese into the country to teach at local boards of education. These days, with many government programs being told to justify their existence, a debate is raging over whether JET should be left as is, cut or abolished entirely.


The debate, however, needs to consider: 1) JET's misconstrued mandate, and 2) Japan's psychotic — yes, psychotic — system of language teaching.


Korean Public Schools to hire Indian Teachers.

Here is the silver lining for Indians who are looking at Korea for job as an English Teacher.

As per Brian in Jeollanam-do blog Korean Public schools are looking at hiring 12 Guest Indian English Teachers for fall 2010.

For more details and applying for this job you can visit his blog:

EPIK to hire 12 Indian English Teacher for fall 2010.

Thanks a lot Brian for sharing this news.

Please note: the last day for submitting your application is 20 June 2010. So hurry up.

Question from a reader: summer camp jobs

A reader writes in:

Question from a reader: the whole enchilada

A reader writes in from Thailand:
I've been reading Brian's blog and came across yours. Tell me the truth, are all the horror stories over blown? Am I going to have a good decent employer in Korea and a nice place to live and a rewarding job?

I've been teaching uni in [city redacted] Thailand for five years now. The money is simply not enough, even with Thailand's extremely low cost of living. So Korea looks appealing. I like the Internet speeds, the high tech society, the money that seems to be on offer for ESL teachers. But scared of getting stuck in an abusive situation. I have a BA from an American U but no Masters so, apparently, teaching at a uni in Korea is out of the question.

On teaching English in Korea, real jobs, and being 'qualified'

Between a recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Brian's post on the same, there's some new fuel to the fire about Native English Speaking Teachers in the Hermit Kingdom. Hat tips to I'm no Picasso and the Marmot's Hole for their posts as well. From the original article:

Out of college, out of money and out of luck in a lackluster economy with millions of people out of work, Jeremy Salzman felt trapped after college graduation, facing a certain loss of freedom and an uncertain stretch under the watchful eyes of his parents.

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