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Non whites been discriminated against as native speakers

Hi please I am trying to get a discussion and eventually changes here. Often when there are advertisement for native English speakers its restricted to 5 countries namely USA , UK, Australia New Zealand and these days South Africa. I often wondered why and only found out why when I started a teacher recruitment agency. What the difference between recruiting teachers from South Africa and Ghana white teachers can be fielded from S.Africa. What the difference between the English dialect spoken in New Zealand and Jamaica? Chances are the teacher from New Zealand is white!!!

i have had schools in Asian countries including S,Korea tells me upfront only whites need apply. I have had school in china tell me if I can source them white teachers who speak god English I am in business. 

A Seoul Spring on the Han

Something about being near water is simply relaxing. When the weather finally agrees to reward Seoul, Korea with a mild and sunny day after a brutally long winter people tend to flock to the Han River. Here are 10 ways to enjoy the river in the coming months.



photo credit: my cool friend James

1) Banpo Bridge

They call this a job?

This is how my co-teachers and I have been spending most of our afternoons at work lately!
We work HARD during the school year, so we happen to think we deserve the down time as the school year winds down! :)  Okk can usually be found with her back to her desk and her feet propped up while reading a new English book!

Who am I?

Who am I?

Well, I’m just your average 24-year old Canadian teaching English in Korea, finding my way through food, fitness and a foreign culture. Trying to figure out what I’m meant to do, what I have to share and how I want to live a life of fulfillment. Originally,  I dreamed that photography would be my goal, and so I pursued art school, and graduated with a BFA, Major in Photography from the Emily Carr University of Art+Design in Vancouver, BC. Upon completion of my school in 2010, I set out with hope and passion, excited to begin my new career as an aspiring photographer.

Kick the Can This Holiday Season

It that time of year again... 
If you're in the US, it's time to stock up on...


4 Ways I Keep the Bugs Out of My Apartment

I absolutely love it when a mosquito is buzzing around my ear when I'm just about to fall asleep at night.  Better yet, when I'm on my computer I see a bug the size of a small candy bar crawling up my wall in front of me.  Yes, these things happened to me here in Korea and to many other teachers for that matter.  But over time I've learned how to minimize having flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches showing up unannounced in my apartment.  Especially this time of year (end of summer and fall), taking the fight to the bugs is mission #1.

I don't like to spray anything in my apartment since it's so small, so here are some tips that will help keep the bugs out of your apartment in the first place.  

The Adoration Of The Magi

A strange fatigue overcomes me. A pallor hangs in the gray air, under the white sky and the cigarette-colored trees.

Classes have started at the university. I was so frightened of the beginning of the semester, which was an incredible three weeks ago, but now that I have roared through all that work and time—now that I find myself with a strange sudden moment of quiet peace—I can do nothing, in my exhaustion, except think over everything that has come between then and now.

There is a blurred kaleidoscope of memory flashing through my mind, and it is almost too much for me to pick even a single image to describe. Sleep seems to annihilate most of these glimmering tears of light, and then a new day piles inside and shoves the rest of them into alcoves which I cannot access.


Because these kinds of things are just better described in a list...

I will miss about Korea:
- my cute students

Question from a reader: diagnosed with depression

A reader I’ll keep anonymous writes in:

My name is [redacted] I’m a returned Peace Corps Volunteer living here in [city redacted]. I came across your blog on a Google search for information about teaching English in Korea. I currently have to friends who are past PCV’s teaching with EPIK in Korea.

Question from a reader: a teacher’s schedule?

A reader writes in:

Hi Chris:

I stumbled across your blog and I’ve found it to be of great use to
me, as I am going to be heading to Seoul in approximately two months
to teach English. Although I have done quite a bit of research on my
own, I have been unable to find information on how much time I’m going
to have to spend outside of the classroom preparing lessons and
grading papers.

I went to school to be a Spanish teacher and when I did my student
teaching, it was a life-consuming process. I’d be curious to know your
experience with the overall workload of an ESL teacher in Korea.



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