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Korea: 10 Things I Don’t Miss About You

Teaching English in a Korean University: How to Get the Job


If there’s anything you can count on me for, it’s this: I’ll give it to you straight and not sugar-coat the hard stuff. If you’re looking for a job teaching English in a Korean university, this is the stuff that you might not want to hear:

#1: It’s Very Difficult to Get a Uni Job in Korea These Days

Top 10 Time-Savers When Teaching in a Korean University


Top 10 Time-Savers When Teaching in a Korean University

Let’s be real. Teaching in a Korean university is probably the easiest job you’re going to ever have in your entire life. Teaching hours are light, prep + grading are usually minimal, and you have no expectations for results whatsoever.

However, some people do let the job take up a lot of their time, which could actually be spent doing other stuff. If you’re like me and have lots going on outside of work that you want to have time to do, here are my top 10 time-savers for when you’re working in a Korean university.

Korean University Job: Ridiculous Amounts of Documents to Apply!

University Jobs Korea

10 Years Ago: Do you Have a Pulse? You’re In!

Comparative Adjectives: How to Teach Them, the Awesome Way


Powering Through Comparative Adjectives

ESL Speaking Lesson Plan Template

ESL Speaking lesson plan template

Whenever I talk to people who are preparing a lesson plan or a demo lesson in order to get ready for an ESL teaching job interview, I’m always surprised that many people really have no idea how to plan a lesson. I was pretty clueless too, until I took the CELTA and the DELTA where my trainers beat this ESL speaking lesson plan template into my head such that I could basically recite it in my sleep.

How to Teach English, the Awesome Way

So you Want to be Awesome? So you want to know how to teach English, the awesome way? I have some good news for you. It’s really not that difficult and actually, teaching English isn’t like rocket-science. While some people may tell you that you need all these qualifications or whatever, in reality, someone with

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Level Up your Teaching Game: A Resource for Busy Teachers

resources for busy English Teachers

Usually Not My Style…

Korean Students Write the Darndest Things

Part of my job as a high school English teacher in South Korea involved giving out, and then correcting, weekly creative writing assignments. It quickly became one of my favorite parts of the experience, as it allowed my students to apply the language with more freedom and personality. It also helped me to get to know them in a more private way. From unintentionally funny remarks, to profound realizations, their writing was a joy to read.

Below is a small collection of some of my favorite excerpts. I’ve also taken the liberty of underscoring their messages with related images. Perhaps this could have been made into some sort of class project… Enjoy!

Teaching ESL Abroad as a Career: A Good Option?

Lots of people ask me about teaching ESL abroad as a career and whether or not it’s a good option. My answer is: sometimes, it really depends on the person. Teaching English abroad doesn’t exactly fit into the category of a “serious” job where you make “serious” money like you would doing many things back home,

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