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Question from a reader: teaching at university?

I love questions from readers! Search my blog to see if your question has already been answered - if it hasn't, e-mail me at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com.

A reader writes in asking about university jobs:
I just found your blog...thanks for a great resource! I've lived in Korea for a little over a year, just to the east of Seoul at first and now near Itaewon. I'm on my second Hagwon job, and while I enjoy it (unless you're very very cynical, it's hard to find fault with the life of an English teacher here), I'd really like to get a University job next year.

I've read a lot about it on ESL cafe and I realize it's quite competitive, particularly if you want to live in Seoul - and even more so because I only have a Bachelor's degree/CELTA.

Question from a reader: attitude and integrity

A reader writes in asking about teaching and attitude - if you have a question about life in Korea, e-mails are always welcomes at chrisinsouthkorea AT gmail DOT com. 'C' writes:

Hi Chris,
I am super interested in teaching in South Korea. I lived there from 1987-1990 when my father was in the US Air Force. I have always been interested in returning to visit. It's only recently that I have given serious thought to working while in Korea. I have very fond memories of exploring many areas of Songtan / Pyongtaek city as well as the areas of Seoul outside of Yongsan Army Base. I went to school at Seoul American High.

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